Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fungi on the farm

 First up the June!Photo a day for today. The topic today is "From a low angle". This is the old windmill that is situated close to one of the two creeks bordering our property. It has been some time since it was in use. At some time in the past it had been used to pump water directly from the creek(we don't have a bore). We have set the farm up now so that we don't need to rely on the creek for our water supply but it is good to know it is there need be.
A fungi in the garden(despite the resident comedian's claims of it being something else).
 I have been out and about today. Looking at nature along the way. No matter where one lives, city or country, fungi is ever present and vital. Even if it is not edible, they play an essential role in the ecosystem. The world of fungi is very interesting and I do wish now that when I studied microbiology at university, I had chosen to study environmental fungi rather than clinical mycology. At the time though it was what was necessary for my future career.

 Just more things to learn about and probably if I look through my old books, I might find the information I want. In the mean time though I have just been visiting a blog all about Australian fungi and in particular things seen not too far from where I live.

We don't get too many edible fungi or at least fungi that I would feel safe eating so I am now growing some in a mushroom growing kit in the laundry room.
Grace and Hope gave me the kit for Mother's day and it is starting to kick into high gear. The girls will join me eating these button type mushrooms but when it comes to other 'shrooms, they aren't fans. I am on my own. More for me.

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