Friday, July 13, 2012

Rainy Day

A couple of days by the seaside and I am back at the helm at home. We arrived back home to some very wet weather which thankfully hadn't made it over the mountains to the beach while we were there.

My daffodils are starting to bloom. They are stunning and I am trying to establish a  patch in a meadow type of effect. It takes some time but I can see them multiplying each year.

 The daffodils really are not stunning when wet. They seem to be a little sad but they will come good when the sun comes back out.
 I can't think of many better things to be doing on a dark and wet day than to sit with a hot cuppa and a couple of new seed catalogues from two of my favourite places to buy seeds, Diggers and Eden Seeds. It's nice to come home from a trip to mail that is not a bill. I already have a few seed varieties in mind to buy for the upcoming spring planting.
 It did rain overnight while we were at the coast. That type of rain though doesn't give the flowers a sodden and sad look like my poor daffs. I think it added to the gorgeousness of this salmon pink hibiscus.

There was a little bit of swimming while we were away but it was restricted to those under 18 who don't seem to feel the cold (I only managed to go in up to my ankles). Fishing was popular with everyone though. Hope was the best of the anglers. She caught five fish with her unique fishing style and is so keen now, she even baits her own hook. All the fish went back into the water alive and without too much stress (I hope).

Now though it is definitely back to normal routine. The girls go back to school on Monday and Tom is returning to Sydney next week too.


Janice said...

You had me fooled with your first photo of a daffodil in the sunshine, but the next photo is more like the weather we have been having. Your season is well ahead of ours - no sign of daffs yet, just a few jonquils starting to come out. We are off to the Mudgee Field Days tomorrow and we usually see our first wattle at one little spot on the way over - always a highlight of the drive. I'm glad you had a nice break away, but boy, isn't it nice to get back home.

Lisa said...

Nice of Hope to throw her fish back in. :)

Alicia said...

Daffodils are making their way up, no flowers yet. Lots of lovely jonquils, I love the white doubles. Looks like you have a keen fisher there.