Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More cactus love. In a teacup planter this time. I am enjoying succulents and cacti so much that I put the word out on Freecycle and have had a couple of offers for free plants. I will pick some up tomorrow and some on Friday. I am planning on some for the ground and some for some more quirky plantings. Actually I shouldn't be making any plans at all just yet as I don't even know what I am being gifted.
This pinkest of pink camellias is utterly splendid right now. I am certainly not a pink type of girl but this one does have some charm. The sunshine both direct and reflected off the shed caused the slightly strange special effects in the picture.
Another flower that is not just right now like the camellia but will keep going all summer, is the borage. The bees love it, the compost loves it and like it a lot too. It does self-seed very readily but doesn't seem to be invasive at all and is very easily removed. It is a gorgeous colour (blue is my favourite). I think the sky in the background could  almost be described as borage blue or perhaps the borage is almost sky blue. Not sure which but lovely just the same.

The biggest surprise I found outdoors today though was not one or two but three tiny asparagus spears. They were not there yesterday but were today. I know this because I am on watch. I think it is a little too early because the frosts will freeze these tender shoots but nature knows best. And, if the frosts don't ruin them, I for one won't say no to early asparagus. It has been a long time since the last ones and it is a vegetable that I just do not buy no matter what.

I am thoroughly enjoying the Olympics each evening. Of course I have my favoured sports to watch but it is just good to see not only the spectacle of the whole event but the passion and dedication of the athletes. By the way, my favourite sport to watch is the gymnastics. Now if I could learn to do even just one handstand I would feel I had made an acheivement of Olympic proportions. And yes, I am still trying, you are never too old to learn a new 'skill'. I hope. Is anyone else watching the games?



Anonymous said...

The cup cactus looks cute. You have inspired me to use some mugs that I have on display (aka dust collectors!!!) in the kitchen to pretty them up a bit and make them useful. Thank you!! Louise

Paola said...

Hi Tracy, I'm really enjoying the Olympics, and have been getting up a bit early in the mornings to watch the evening sessions. I'll miss them when they finish.
I've been trying to do a handstand for the last few years in my Iyengar yoga classes. One day!

Gardens at Waters East said...

Like the coffee cup and cacti idea. Gives me a idea for what I have here on the shores of Lake MIchigan in USA. Enjoyed your post today. Jack