Sunday, September 2, 2012

Father's Day

A tired old day here for me. I have been 'enjoying' insomnia the past couple of nights so an afternoon nap was in order. Perhaps it was not wise but necessary at the time.
A happy day all in all. A visit to Nundle to visit my parents (and the tip,you gotta make these trips count) and have a hearty breakfast and then home again. A call from Tom this morning for Tim and a little bit of pampering for him from his three girls.

I don't really enjoy the commercial side of Father's Day or any other occasion for that matter but it is nice to pay homage to the  Dad in our lives. Besides that, the kids love it because unlike me, he shares his chocolates.


Lisa said...

A generous man, indeed! :D

Kim said...

We had a quiet father's day and mainly homemade pressies from the kids.I will have to get onto david about sharing his chocolates though.