Monday, September 17, 2012

Just a couple of reasons

...why I love where I live.

My ducks lining up in a row

I really think I am meant to be in this place. It isn't the right place or lifestyle for everyone but it truly suits me just fine. I guess I can say that I am really me here. If that makes a scrap of sense.

Friendly neighbours
 We have been toying with the idea of moving for a promotion for Tim's work if the opportunity came about but I think we have decided to definitely stay put and leave work ambitions to the ambitious(it would mean living in the city indefinitely). Of course we have things we would like to achieve just like everybody does. Including our current aim, to get our honey into some nice jars and make a little pin money from it and be proud of the product that we the bees have made. It is tougher than you would think. There are a lot of  options for containers and it is a matter of being spoilt for choice which makes the decision harder. Not important in the big scheme, just little choices.I am leaning towards glass over plastic and just two sizes, 1kg for those with a sweet tooth and maybe 500grams. Anyway, hopefully it will be a done thing soon enough. Any ideas or suggestions that might help would be gratefully accepted.


Lisa said...

Oh, I do so love your scenery, Tracy!

Joolzmac said...

Beautiful countryside and it's so nice to have your ducks lined up in a row, I thnk!

Karen said...

How cute are those em! I would love to live where you live, I don't like living where I live in the city, love my house but not the traffic, overcrowding, rude people...hate it. Would love a small piece of land with chickens, ducks etc. and a bigger vegie patch. I agree with the 2 sizes and the glass jars, that way you aren't buying too many different sizes, if you had requests for different sizes down the track you could look at it then. I found with my market stall to start small and build and you will always find a better/different idea along the way...all trial and error, as they say!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful countryside and very nice neighbours. I always like to buy things in glass jars. I don't know why I think that but it just seems that years ago things came in glass and it feels more personal, not mass produced like plastic containers. Sounds mad I know but in my head it is logical!!! LOL Louise

Greenearth said...

What a beautiful place to live.

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