Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Almond in bloom
 The orchard is full of blossoms and smells divine. This is an almond tree and really relies on the bees for pollination. In the past I have helped it along with a feather and some careful hand pollinating but nothing beats natures way. Hopefully there will be a good crop this year.

Almond blossom

 Last week we had a quick hive inspection which revealed completely full honey supers. At this time of the year after winter this was a bit of a surprise because the bees have obviously had enough foraging over winter to maintain supplies rather than use up their stores. Our climate here in Australia is warm enough for the bees to be active all year and there is always something in bloom for them to take something back to the hive.

We have moved two brood chambers up a level and taken two honey frames from each hive. That meant an afternoon of extraction and wax processing. Sweet and sticky work.

Bee on satsuma plum blossom
 I can't get enough of my bees. And thankfully they like me enough to have never stung me.
New bee emerging from brood cell.
I did enjoy getting to see this bee just emerging from it's chamber while we were checking the hive. Very cute.

Days like today that are busy with 'work', the slow cooker is such a boon. Tonight's offering is curry lamb and it smells very tempting.


Kim said...

Wow, I didn't know you raised bees...very brave! How lovely to have your own honey.

Joolzmac said...

Very interesting about the bees. I stood on a bee 2 summers ago and the pain bought back memories of summers long ago! Mum used to put Bluo on the sting (she didn't use a 'blue bag'. I believe tomato applied to the sting gives good relief too.
Lovely photos, sunny and breezy!

Cheers, Joolz

Janice said...

Now the weather is warming up things will start to get quite busy for you. I'm glad our fruit trees aren't flowering as yet, as we have been having some big frosts still.