Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am at a loss for a title today so "Today" it is. The school holidays are in full swing and I have Tom at home for a week too. That means more leisurely mornings but I have a sneaking suspicion that my kids take a little bit of an advantage of me. Never mind, I love them and they love me back.

 Masses of strawberry blooms are taunting me. This variety is Chandler and they develop into fairly large and super tasty berries. No berries to pick for now and the only homegrown fruit I have to offer is citrus. There is some small rhubarb stems in the vegetable patch to offer something fruit-like but most of our fruit at the moment comes from the store. I think fruit is the hardest item to keep up with when trying to grow your own at least in the climate I live in anyway.

 Potatoes are another thing that remain on my shopping list. No matter the size of the garden, you have to make a decision of what to grow and what to leave out. I always grow some potatoes but to be self sufficient in potatoes would take a lot of space which for me  can be used more productively for vegetables that are either not readily available at the greengrocers or that are just far superior grown at home.

There really is a buzz in the garden though. I planted some pumpkin seeds today, radish- red meat and a new to me vegetable, okra. I am keen to try okra though I have heard mixed opinions about it. You never know until you taste it yourself I guess.

Does anyone have experiences to share good or bad with okra that might be useful. Growing, cooking or eating.



Becky said...

I had never had okra before I moved South in 1982. I like it fried - dip in flour and seasoning and fry until crisp. Or in vegetable soups. I can't stand just okra in tomatoes but my husband (The Southern Boy) loves that. To me the best part about Okra is it's absolutely STUNNING blooms. I love to see them in the garden.

Lisa said...

The Southerners in this country love okra. I dislike it - it's slimy. You will probably find a good recipe for it, Tracy - you're such a good cook.