Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing time

Dolly in bits and pieces.

I have really been making an extra effort to spend time doing things that I like to do, not just the chores that have to be done. Even just a few minutes a day adds up to a project completed. I used to make quite a few dolls but haven't done it for a while so I thought why not (and in the process, I have realise dhow much I have missed it). This one might not stay here on the farm but I am enjoying the process of making her for someone special and I am inspired to make a few more things for Christmas and birthday gifts.

I have always just used the dining table as my sewing area but now I am set  up in Tom's room. It has taken me eight months to claim his desk as my sewing table(and to claim his empty book shelves as well).
The sewing zone with assistant.
And guess what? In two weeks time, I will have to relinquish this space because he will be home for the summer. Hooray. When he returns to university next year, I won't delay in setting up shop again, it's great to have a place where the maching can be set up ready for those spare moments when a seam or two can come together.

No sewing tomorrow. It's a shepherding kind of day planned. Marking lambs and a spot of fencing.


Lisa said...

Hooray for a nice sewing space - does the kitty also do repair work? :)

Lisa said...

I thought I had commented this morning, but I guess not! I am glad, Tracy, that you're putting up some of your handiwork since I have a feeling that you're pretty good at many things! (love the kitty behind the machine!)

Vickie said...

love the cat in the room...yay good for you ,I find even just 15 mins a day is progress..cheers Vickie

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Great idea if only for a little while. Still waiting for my son to move out :)