Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Mini Holiday

We did have grand plans earlier in the year to take a trip up through Queensland to the Great Barrier Reef but what are plans for if not to change? I'm kind of glad we didn't travel that far from home. Tim has a cold, Grace has loads and loads of music practice to do and I'm a complete homebody anyway.
We did spend Sunday and Monday at the coast close to home. It is a bit of a trek to go to the beach, a 600km round trip. Thankfully the journey is through some really picturesque countryside.
I do like the beach in the winter. The sun isn't over powering with its glare and heat and it's much easier to enjoy the natural beauty of a deserted beach. Well it that's how it is for me anyway.

There was quite a bit of sun with the odd gloomy cloud casting shadows. I worked out that although I know what to expect of the weather here, it's a different story so far from home. Dark clouds loom but they just threaten and mean nothing. I'm sure a local would know when to seek cover and when it's going to stay dry.

The locals were very friendly. A little too friendly perhaps. Grace isn't fond of pelicans after a childhood incident involving her, a sausage, a pelican and a comical chase scene. I'm not scared. I've wrangled turkeys afterall.

Just before we headed home the fun shone brightly and maybe we should have stayed a bit longer. It was a pleasant 20 degC when we left and as we reached the top of the mountains on the way home, the temperature had dropped to single figures and the wind was gusty and cold.

I'll be gallivanting again tomorrow. It's our wedding anniversary which is a good enough excuse for an outing.

P.S. There really is no place like home.


shez said...

I agree Tracy,love being home,love your pics and I hope Tim is feeling better.xx

knitbakecultivate said...

I enjoy the beach in winter too. I love the pelican story - I can just imagine the scene. Have a lovely anniversary tomorrow.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary, Tracy. from one homebody to another. :)

Joolz said...

My sentiments exactly! I love to travel but I love to stay home too.
I long to have a week long 'staycation' at my place., where I don't have to go to work 5 days a week,, just stay and potter at home.... Sigh!

Terra said...

This beach is gorgeous and I like your friendly pelican. That story of the sausage and the pelican sounds like quite a drama. Actually we love pelicans; they fly along the beach near our home.

Janice said...

I do like the coast when it is quieter and I think much moodier during the cooler months. I'm no great swimmer, so enjoy exploring and beach combing. A shell or sea glass usually comes home with me. Your photos are stunning. It makes me want to go travelling now. Having said that, there is definitely no place like home, especially in the winter.