Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Yesterday was a day for swapping. Swapping my normal work routine for a day out. Tim is on holiday from work afterall. We dropped the girls off at school and took a scenic drive to Murrurundi to do some bushwalking and geocaching. Murrurundi is the town I would be living in if I was a risk taker and bought  my dream house (one of them anyway) a few years ago.
Paradise Park is tucked away off the highway and is a real surprise if you haven't been there before.
The walking track isn't very long but it is definitely not a stroll.

It starts off fairly gently but the gradient increases quickly. The walk is graded as a 3 or 4 which means that some bushwalking/ hiking experience might be an advantage or necessary. I agree because it is a bit slippery and steep.

 The walk passes through the 'Eye of the Needle' rock formation. It is narrow and a bit of a scramble over rocks and tree roots but well worth the effort if you are into that kind of thing. If not then there are a few cafes in town which are quite nice.

 Lunch was at the Willow Tree Inn. It is really nicely decorated, a little bit pricey and very quiet on a Tuesday. Apparently on the weekends it is hard to get a table. I had lamb shanks which were lovely.Today, I swapped back to real life and had a Vegemite sandwich for lunch.

It's also a good day for swapping parcels. This package of goodies is what I am sending to Simone in Lisa's stationery swap. I do hope Simone likes the things I have sent her.

Hermit crab with no shell. YUCK!!

And the final word on swapping goes to Hope's crab. He/ she is shell swapping and unfortunately I found him in the tank sans shell. The crabs' creepiness has reached a whole new level. happily I can say it has found a shell it likes and is for the most part hidden away. They give me the shivers.



africanaussie said...

oh that looks like a great walk Tracy. Nice to have a day out with your hubby.

Kimberley Atkinson said...

I love little Australian townships and walks and your countryside :)
SO idyllic.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lovely spot...sounds like a nice lunch the vegimite sandwich as well...

Janice said...

Your walk looks really scenic. There are some lovely places to explore if you know where they are. There wouldn't have been any guilt tucking into your lamb shanks. You would have earned them. Mick & I had a lovely morning tea at the Murrarundi tourist office cafe one time we were going through. I have yet to convince him to have a walk up and down the street. There is never day. I agree that the crab looks creepy. It doesn't even really look like a crab.

Lisa said...

I think you're more adventurous than you give yourself credit for. :)
Your package is so cute, I'm going to pin it when I get home! And, thanks for the view of the naked crab; just what I was hoping to see this morning. :D