Friday, August 15, 2014

Today's a long day

Obviously today is no longer than any other day and I certainly won't find enough time to do everything I want to do (as usual) but Grace is due home from her school excursion to the snow so it seems to be dragging by waiting for the bus to arrive. I'm sure it would feel even longer on the bus. My how I have missed her this week. I hope she has taken lots of pictures and has lots of stories to tell. I also hope she wasn't too cold.
I have been busy this morning crossing things off my to do list. The herb garden is weeded except for the path which I really don't like to do. I really wanted the garden tidied up so that I could see what plants I'd like to buy myself or maybe receive for my birthday next month. The list is long!

This Romanesco broccoli is looking particularly stunning. The camera hasn't done its colour justice, it is much more vibrant but it does show its wonderful form. It's a must grow in this nerds garden.

This winter I planted two types of broad beans. One type just wasn't enough. In reality, I am just a sucker for the romantic names and descriptions that they use in seed catalogues. They are both in flower now so I'll wait impatiently for the beans.

Broad bean- Aquadulce

Broad bean- chocolate flowered
 Now I don't think two varieties are enough, next time I'll grow the crimson flowered ones as well. They are very pretty.

 I've been doing the odd row here and there of a knitted dishcloth. I'm giving this one along with some yet unmade bunting to a friend who has a birthday coming up. I hope she likes it. I think the colour is very sweet.

And because we all need some extra inspiration now and then, I've been drinking lots of my new favourite tea. It's deliciously spicy and warming. Most likely not everyone's cup of tea (sorry) but it is mine. I can't vouch for any special powers that it has to inspire anything other to sit down and savour it. I am going to go and do some yoga though so maybe it does work.

I hope you are having an interesting day.


Kimberley Atkinson said...

wow - that broccoli is a work of art - gorgeous. I have never seen that variety before. And loving the broad bean flowers too - might have to grow some one day, but vege gardens all full at the moment. yay for knitting an tea - my saviours.

Endah Murniyati said...

Your romanesco broccoli is so stunning!

Kimmie said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. Lovely lil snippets from your life.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

That is really nice looking broccoli, I have not seen any like it.

Deb H. said...

The broadbean flowers are stunning, will have to grow just for the blooms, no one would eat them.