Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hot weather is not my favourite kind. No way! Coupled with the lack of precipitation and it's a double dose of yuck and of course this heatwave that we've been having this week is just the start of it. So there's nothing for it but to carry on,  think cool and be grateful that we have solar electricity installed now to make the most of the copious sunshine.

The sweet peas are still looking fine but the edible peas are ready to be consigned to the compost heap. I've let them go longer than necessary so I can save seeds for next year. It has been a good year for the winter vegetables which I hope in turn means it will be equally good for the summer crops.

The English lavenders are just starting to flower (no pictures yet) but all the other types are ready for cutting back/ dead  heading. That's seventy plus lavender plants that need a hair cut. Obviously I wasn't thinking any further ahead than the flowers when I was planting. 

Wind battered foxgloves
The heat itself ( high 30s degC) isn't really too bad for the garden in fact some plants relish the heat. The zucchini plants and the corn for instance. The wind on the other hand causes a bit of drama. I have been madly picking and dealing with the broadbeans because the wind knocks them over and dries them out and hastens their demise. The poor bed of foxgloves above are sad and sorry and would gladly take a day or two of just gentle breeze rather than be buffeted by dry gusty winds.
I hope it's not too hot or too cold where you are.


KERYN B said...

Tracy all your lambs are so gorgeous and your garden is looking amazing. You can keep the heat lol..

Sunnybrook Farm said...

It looks hot in those photos, kind of nice to me as it is one degree above freezing here.