Monday, December 8, 2014

Don't blink, it's December

2014 has buzzed by in a blur. It's the same every year it would seem. These last two months of the year do seem to speed by quicker than the other even if it isn't the truth. It's blink and you'll miss it time. I'm doing lots blinking, my eyes are tired and a little sore. Just quietly, I think I might need spectacles so I'll have to have to make an appointment soon. I'm surprised I've made it this far without needing them. I do apologise to anyone receiving cards from me if my writing is more messy than usual.

Today was a quiet day at home which is really the best remedy for a feeling of being rushed. My mail box was a happy place. A penpal letter from the US, four parcels- two from penpals, one from my Chookyblue SSCS partner and Gary Kemp's book all the way from the UK.

I have been a slack gardener the past couple of days too. Storms have been passing through at odd times during the day and night so no need to water since last Wednesday. As much as I love my garden, it is nice to have a rest now and then.

What I am still doing is my advent challenge, giving away at least one thing a day this month.

I would dearly love it if someone would take this beastie and its cohorts off my hands but I wouldn't do that. AT the moment the nasty ladybirds are in controllable, squash-able numbers so the damage is minimal... thankfully.

What have I been giving away? Mostly things I don't need or want so it's easy. Unwanted clothing, books, DVDs, Christmas tree. Lamb milk.  My time.

I have a microwave oven languishing in the shed which I will probably pass along too but it's one of those things that I have an inkling that if I get rid of it, my own microwave will break down instantly. So silly!



Tania @ Out Back said...

Hello Tracy, just popping in to say hi :)

This year has definitely flown by, and left me somewhere in it's midst! I am struggling to keep up these days, hence my absence from blogland. I must be getting old!

I have missed checking in on my favourite blogs, as I always seem to be busy doing something. I have decided to rest up tonight and do a little catching up. The rest of my jobs can wait until tomorrow.


shez said...

Hi Tracy,lovely post lots of parcels and letters there for you to open,love your angel wing decorations,yes i am also having a big cleanout,enjoy your evening my friend.xx

Lisa said...

The handwriting in the card/letter I received on Saturday was FINE - far better than mine, as you know. :D

Chookyblue...... said...

glad your SSCS has arrived.........enjoy.......yes the year is flying by.........way to fast......

Fiona said...

time is going far too quick... in a way I don't mind as it means my daughter will be here soon... but I am not ready and I haven't done my cards yet!