Friday, February 6, 2015

Cooking &c

The garden is busy giving me plenty to cook. Definitely no complaints from me, it's one of the reasons why I garden.

Pickled cucumbers (which aren't pictured) have made no dent in the glut. I've also made some of my tomato sauce and some sweet mustard pickles. I think sweet mustard pickles are old fashioned and delicious and they are the favourite of the moment. I checked back through my records and I don't think I've shared my recipe so I'll do just that in the next few day. Though it is most likely just like most other sweet mustard pickles and I will just be wasting valuable world wide web space. Oh well!

 I also did some cooking outside my comfort zone. Corned beef! I had a package of corned beef in the freezer from our steer we butchered last year. I haven't eaten corned beef since I left my parents' home over two decades ago and I have certainly never cooked it. I was clueless apart from remembering my mother simmering it for quite some time. I did consult The Common Sense Cookery Book and the CWA cook book and between them and Kimmie's sister's recipe, I came up with a winner.

Meat and four veg and cheese sauce. Not our usual type of fare but it was good for something different and Jodie's glaze made it a bit special. This type of dinner won't be on my regular menu but I probably won't wait another 23years to make it.

It hasn't been all sweating over hot, simmering  pots. I've been sewing too. Just a quick and easy bag for wrapping a birthday gift for a penpal. I bought the fabric at Spotlight and I think it is just perfect for a postcard writing enthusiast, which she is. I like it very much too and I think I might just make something for myself with the leftovers.

And tonight is Friday Night with Friends it being the first Friday of the month. Hooray! What to make? I think this time I'll be leaving the sewing machine dormant and making some mail art instead.

Bye for now


shez said...

Hi Tracy great post and love that bag,lucky friend xx

Joolz said...

I love corned beef but don't have it often as Gus is not a huge fan. Bri likes it so whenever she comes home, I usually have it. It's important to find a source that corns it nicely. I still alternate between Woolworths and our local Foodland.Some are not salty enough and this makes it bland. who corned your own beast?
We are about to have a bit of summer finally in the next few days. Heading for 39C tomorrow so I am hunkering down and having a quiet day in. Might do a but of baking first thing before the heat sets in.

Cheers - Joolz xx

Fiona said...

Home made pickles... will be lovely with your cold left over corned beef? pretty bag... butterflies and postcards... whats not to love about it...

kiwikid said...

Love the bag...such beautiful fabric.
We have corned beef too, in the crock pot it goes with honey, pepper corns and a dash of vinegar...yum! Hubby likes an onion cooked in there too. Your preserves look amazing!

Kimmie said...

Hi Tracy.

So pleased Jodie's recipe came in handy. :D