Thursday, April 16, 2015

Too warm

Last week we had the fire on. Just in the early morning to warm the house up and only twice but this week is a different story. Phew. It is too warm. 31degC and that's in a shady spot on my veranda. Hard to believe we are half way through autumn with the temperatures. I'm watering the garden every couple of days still and new plantings everyday. I'm looking forward to some cooler weather that's for sure. 

I've been having a bit of a seed sowing spree. It's quite possible that I might have too many seeds. Certainly it gets harder and harder to find spots to plant things. I've planted a few broccoli and cauliflower plants in the flower garden. I think they are rather decorative and the fact that they can feed us makes them all the more beautiful in my eyes. It might also make them less noticeable to the cabbage moths but I doubt that very much.

It's the last week of the autumn school holidays. The holidays always rush by. I'm glad that we have spent most of these three weeks at home all doing our own thing but together.


Dahlia- tiger bey

Orange is the 'in' colour this week. Dahlias, nasturtiums, California poppies and my orange chrysanthemum are all putting on a show. The 'mums and  nasturtiums will still be good next week but I think the dahlias and poppies might be putting on a last hoorah. I'm not even sure what flowers I have coming on next. A surprise will be nice.

Right now I have to make compost and dinner. Or perhaps it would be best for the diners if I make dinner then compost.


shez said...

hi Tracy beautiful flowers and cant wait to see what you get growing from the seeds xx

CountryMouse said...

I've planted seeds in out tiny garden up here and I also think I've gotten carried away. It seems that there are only tiny patches of space left around what is growing and they have tiny little seedlings coming up in them too (maybe parsley which I sprinkled around). I am hoping some of it at least will be productive but it looks like the garden is being the most successful it has been since we moved in. 31/32 degrees C is the norm here at the moment and the lowest it might have gotten down to is 22 the other night when it decided to rain.

flightplot said...

Hello, thanks for commenting on my blog. I've been enjoying reading through yours.
That's way to hot for me, I don't like it more than the low 20's C. I grow nasturtiums and California poppies on the plot as they're both among my favourite flowers.
Flighty xx

Joan said...

We have been planting this week - Martin bought 129 bulbs and we planted about 70. Should be colourful if they flower.