Friday, May 8, 2015

Shhh, I'm at the library

No need to shh really, libraries aren't really like that anymore. Are they? I'm at the library waiting for my family. Apparently they had to go shopping because the calendar says it is Mother's Day on Sunday and they like to obey those kind of dictates and they also like a last minute shop.

The library is a good place to be, it's not too noisy just the tapping of computer keys. The internet here is free and fast and very popular. A baby has been crying too. Not that tantrum kind of crying, a proper sad cry that hurts a bit. I don't like that sound.

Now I am going to do my very best to squeeze in as much reading as I can.
Bye for now


flightplot said...

I've being going to public libraries here in the UK regularly for over 60 years. Sadly one of my local ones is closing soon, along with two others due to council cuts. Flighty xx

Lynda D said...

Mothers Day is silly and we all feel like it should be Mothers Day everyday but for some reason it still gives you a buzz come Sunday morning and breakfast arrives. Goofy but still nice.

Kimberley said...

the one thing that does really bug me at school is a few teachers walking around going shush/shhh in the library... i like noisy libraries - good in schools but possibly not public libraries. I actually went into one 2 weeks ago - boys have always said we never go and that is because they have a library at home. The middle one told me today he goes to the school library to do his homework at lunchtime but would never borrow a book... of course he mortified his librarian mother! But still has not read a lot at home.

Sharmayne said...

Hope you have a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow :)

Gingi Freeman said...

I used to work at a library, it can sometimes be "sshhhhhh"-y, but its nowhere near as bad as it used to be... if TV is to be trusted anyway. haha.

Anyhoo, loving your blog! Glad I found you on, the Sustainable Blogs Linky List! <3 -

Joan said...

Hope you are enjoying your reading. I have lost my mojo for reading and crafting at the moment. Hope to get them back soon.