Sunday, May 3, 2015


I've been on the road again. For someone who claims to be a homebody I do think I'm out and about more than I should be. Perhaps I like an adventure more than I realise. This time I went to Coffs Harbour which is a really nice drive of four or so hours through the tablelands and then through some spectacular rainforest country.

First stop at Uralla. This café is newish and I've been before by myself but this time I took my travel companion, Tim for a cuppa. It's quite a nice place to stop and I do like old churches made over into something new.

Then  through Dorrigo and down the winding road to Bellingen.I think I fell a little bit in love with Bellingen, it is my kind of town. Plenty of lovely architecture, a fantastic wholefoods store, cafes galore and completely charming.

Stormy beach

Then there was Coffs Harbour itself. Nice but maybe just a little too busy and built-up for my liking. I did enjoy the choice of restaurants though and the markets on Thursday morning are great. Plenty of local fruit and vegetables to choose from fresh from the farms. Bananas... yum.

It was only an overnight trip and there was some work involved but it was a lovely sojourn. I hardly had a chance to miss home. We did manage to get out of Coffs and back over the mountains before the worst of their wet weather hit. Now I think I'll stay put for a couple of weeks at least.




Phil Pogson said...

Dorrigo...what a beautiful part of the world. A feast for the eyes - enjoy!

Janice said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful little getaway and beat the weather, which was good. Were you still able to remain meat free? Mick & I often find delicious vegetarian meals when we are away that we wouldn't make at home.

Snoskred said...

We did the drive over to Coffs a few times when my parents were living in Tamworth, it is so lovely there. :)

I loved the Big Banana and the Butterfly house. :)