Wednesday, September 30, 2015

After a bit of thinking (yes it does help to do that) about my lack of creativity in the kitchen of late, I realised part of my problem was I had stopped planning my menu. So, after consultation, a list of meals for the week was constructed and voila, I know what to cook and no more of the last minute dilemma of what's for dinner. The best part, I didn't have to think about it really, I just asked everyone else one what they wanted.
Butter tofu, lasagne, zucchini fritters and salad, gnocchi, stir fry. Nothing exotic but tasty, healthy and easy-peasy.
Now I hope that by signing up for Cheryll's Friday Night with Friends I can get back the crafting bug. I'm planning to finish off a dishcloth and then do something in my art journal. If I haven't fallen asleep by then I'll probably do a little cross stitch on my large work in progress. 

I am in love with my garden right now. It is blooming and a treat to be outdoors. None of the taxing sun and heat that is to come (next week it might be a different story).

My track record with tulips is pretty poor. There is no trouble getting the plants to grow but it usually gets hot quickly before they flower. This year when I was planting out some new bulbs I put these ones in a shady spot out of the way and hooray, they are flowering. The reality is, by the time I had planted out the other 200 or so bulbs, I was over it and just dug a trench and dumped the tulips in the garden behind the shed without any thought or care and they repaid my lackadaisical attitude very kindly.

Thank you tulips.

I wish gardening was that easy all the time. I would definitely never fall out of love with my garden if that were the case.



Jeanette said...

My problem too Tracy. I need to menu plan again myself. Love your tulips. Hugs, xx

Janice said...

What a great solution to your cooking dilemma. Sometimes it only takes an easy fix. Good luck with it, and getting some crafting happening. I agree that this time of year is so nice to be outside. Temperatures in the low 20s are what I prefer the best. Your little helper seems to be enjoying the garden as well.

River said...

Your tulips are gorgeous, they're one of the things that won't grow for me.
I used to menu plan when the kids were in school, now it's just me and I don't bother anymore. I had too many nights where I was supposed to cook this or that, but just wasn't in the mood.