Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This week

Today' random picture: Last year's ewe lambs off to their new home

Well, well, another week speeds by. We've had a birthday celebration, end of school life for one of us and general day-to-day goings on. Today I am taking a day off just to let my mind catch up and do pretty much nothing. I'm enjoying reading blogs I haven't had time to peruse for a while.

I am so glad I've been menu planning. When things are busy or hectic, the menu plan makes life just that little bit easier. No need to think about what to cook for the main meal of the day. That's what I like about menu planning the most. Having said that, my menu plan for the coming week will be up in the air. I'm going away for a week (yay, I get to see some of my people) and I'm not sure what if any cooking facilities will be available. I do like to eat out so that's ok with me for a holiday. I'm hoping for some delicious vegetarian offerings because my town really is a haven for carnivores with vegetarians left with little to choose from. I do live in prime cattle and sheep growing country so that's to be expected.

For the rest of this week we will have:
  • Poached eggs and toast. Welsh rarebit for the egg shirkers.
  • Cauliflower soup
  • Vegetable biryani and onion bhajis
  • Pasta
Not a menu that's going to have me inundated with requests for invites. I am linking up with Cath today where you will no doubt find more inspiring menu offerings.

This past week I've also had some extra special snail mail. Belated birthday gifts from overseas which were not expected and made even more delightful because of the surprise element. Had a catch up with my parents. Done the chores as always and driven more than I like, as always. And today instead of sweltering in hot weather here too soon, I'm in a jacket to keep warm. Hmmm.

Take care


Snoskred said...

I love poached eggs and toast. :) I'll add this to the next meal plan! ;)

River said...

My menu for tonight is eggs and toast, but scrambled, with parmesan cheese, not poached.
We've had a few cooler days in between the warmer ones too, jackets in the mornings type of weather, with afternoons warming up enough to leave the jackets off, but still cool enough to be comfortable.

Lisa said...

Tracy, I finally mailed a letter to you last Friday; but you wouldn't have it yet. Enjoy your trip!

Kimberley said...

surprise snail mail is the best! And it is even better if you send it :)

Cath said...

Hi Tracy.....just you & me sharing foodie dreams this week! Your name will go into the draw...again! Thanks for linking in and sharing the link on your page. Have a great week!