Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fences to mend

That is literally fences to mend, not the metaphorical kind. The gusty wind we have been having and in fact are still having has dropped a few tree limbs and of course they fall on the fences. Thankfully there have been no escapees.

The cattle are best at finding even a small breach in a fence and especially a boundary fence. They would wander far and wide given half the chance and most likely end up in the garden. The sheep are much better behaved. Though they do like a vegetable garden visit now and then. If they ever get out, they let me know and always try to come home. They wait at the gate and baa. Clever not silly that's what I think.

It's Tim's birthday today and he working today. At his real, paid job that is so we won't do any fencing until tomorrow morning. Only one fence needs the wire mending. The rest just need the branches sawn up and removed or just lifted off. I can do that but in all honesty, I am a tad frightened by the chainsaw. So I'll leave it until tomorrow. Who  knows, there might be more future firewood by then anyway.

Town tomorrow too and Tuesday I get my first pair of reading glasses. I am growing up... not.


kiwikid said...

Don't ever rush to grow up - I reckon it is over rated!!! Lol!! I always thought sheep were quite intelligent...they obviously have a great homing sense and don't wander away like the cattle!!
Happy birthday to Tim!! Hope he had a good day despite having to work. I would be nervous of the chain saw too!!

River said...

I'd be frightened of a chain saw too, I've seen funny videos of them in the hands of the inept and that would be me, getting led all over the yard by the saw, cutting through washing lines, rubbish bins etc. not to mention maybe losing a finger.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy birthday to Tim ....enjoy your glasses xxx

shez said...

Hi Tracy what a buggar that the wind has done that ,a real nuisance for your hubby.
Enjoy your new reading glasses my friend xx

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Birthday Tim! It is amazing how animals will get through the smallest of spaces isn't it, especially sheep! Hope that you didn't have to spend all day mending fences. xx

Janice said...

You did have some wild weather. Thank goodness the stock stayed put. Don't worry about having glasses. It is so worth it be able to see properly. A rather stylish fashion statement I say.

Notthatkindoffarmer said...

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Nick said...

Ah, the joys of fencing! For the first time, I went through that process a couple of months ago and although I look back at it with interest and maybe a bit of pride, it was a job that I was glad was over. Keep it up! (by the way, I like the home page pic... do you keep the turkeys in the same barn as the sheep?)