Friday, April 1, 2016

Planting today

I really wanted to get some things in the ground today. My fingers were metaphorically itching to do so. Not just seeds but something green that I can see and be inspired by. So I did spend my pocket money on some plants. Just a few bits and pieces that looked good- vegies, herbs, flowers. I was tempted by a small apple tree marked down too but I'd already paid and left but I might send Tim back while he is at work tomorrow.

And I have had an enjoyable afternoon outside planting. Often it is a case of trying to squeeze things in here and there and bringing home plants or sowing seeds without thought as to where they can or will fit. Not today, I had plenty of room and space for the seedlings that are coming along in the greenhouse too. It's a nice change.

 I have been nurturing some free plants too and will transplant those soon. Herbs that have sprung up in the pebbles the make a path through my herb garden. No they haven't really just sprung up, I've been remiss in keeping the path overly tidy and along with the weeds, there are some non-weeds too.

Free thyme, salad burnett, lavenders (about 50 tiny ones), oregano and wormwood. And maybe on perusal there might be some other goodies to plant out too. I hope so.

 If I was in doubt about the seasons turning, I have proof enough for me and my garden, some self-sown peas.  The seeds have been there biding their time since last year and now they tell me it's time to plant peas. I wasn't going to grow them in that garden bed because I grew them there last year but I struggle with pulling out good healthy plants. So I guess I will grow yellow podded peas in bed 5.

And because the peas told me it was really was the beginnings of autumn, I took a look for some sneaky asparagus and here it is. There is always a small crop in early autumn when the day lengths are similar to those of earl


Cheryll said...

EnJoY your weekend...xox

kiwikid said...

That is pretty special to find asparagus, one of my favourite veges!! I oove how the garden talks to you and leys you know when it is time for things to be done. Hope all the self sewn plants move happily for you.