Wednesday, August 31, 2016


A few people have expressed an interest in seeing some of my holiday pictures. So at risk of boring people senseless I will share some. Hooray for the age of digital cameras, I took thousands of photos. So here a but a few.

This isn't in London but rather in The Butterfly Gardens at Changi Airport, Singapore where we enjoyed a 6.5 hour stopover. What a difference Singapore was to home. Hot and humid after the 2degrees C we left behind. The butterflies were absolutely lovely as were the gardens in general.

I was sick when we arrived in London. A stomach complaint with a little bit of a fever. I think it was a food borne thing but after a nap in Hyde Park and 36hours without eating, I was right as rain and set to explore.

 London is wonderful with all of the historical buildings and places of interest but oh it is too busy for me. We walked 13km the day after we arrived looking at this and that and still there is more to see next time. This was also our only day with inclement weather during the whole trip which surprised me. I went prepared for the rain I was told to expect. Instead I ended up with a tan.

One of my very favourite places in London was the Borough Markets. What a great variety of edibles and a wonderful mix of cuisines and cultures. 

Japanese taiyaki in London's Chinatown. A definite highlight for the girls.



xo.sorcha.ox said...

Oh, how I miss England!
And guess what arrived in my post box yesterday? Your postcard from Whitby! What a wonderful surprise that was - thank you so much!
I'm so glad you had a great time. I'd say it's hard not to have a great time in England, no matter the time of year. ;)

River said...

I like these pictures, thank you. I don't travel, so rely on others to show me parts of the world I would never otherwise see.