Thursday, September 1, 2016

Spring has sprung

Well it did feel like spring had sprung this morning. This afternoon not nearly so sunny and warm but nature doesn't abide by the turning of the pages on the calendar.

I've been sowing seeds aplenty to make up for not getting them in earlier. I even did some spring cleaning today if you can call tidying up my bedside table spring cleaning... probably not.

The Chinese witch hazel is looking quite lovely. I'm not a fan of pink but this really is lovely. More so in real life than on the screen.

Plums are doing what they should and putting on a lovely display.

As is the almond tree. I would be happier if the bees were bothering with it more but they are preferring the gum trees which are in flower at the moment. I'll have to get a feather and hand pollinate just to be sure.

I'm sure the mulberry is jumping the gun... again and will be struck down by frost. This is such a troublesome tree. Never a good cropper and always in two minds about the seasons. I should just get another one and let this one do its thing without worrying about it.

Anyway, it is my favourite month of the year (my birthday month) and I'm going to treat myself extra kindly. I love spring.



River said...

My Christmas plums are blossoming now too, a delight after a few months of bare branches. No sign of bees yet though.

Dianna said...

Your garden is beautiful! There is nothing like a tree in blossom.

Jodie said...

Beautiful happenings in your garden at the moment Tracy.
Happy Birthday, for later in the month too.
It's my biggest girls b'day today as well as my 11yr wedding anniversary - I really do love September too. x