Friday, October 21, 2016


A couple of weeks ago I had a big surprise. A very early Christmas card. My lovely friend from Wales beat the rush and sent her cards by surface mail but I think it came in record time. And even better, the sweet little donkey on the front. I love donkeys.

An early bloom om my Chameleon rose. It usually flowers just in time for Grace's birthday but not this year. She is delaying her celebrations until she comes home. If it was me, I would just celebrate twice. Birthdays are very nice.

The Dutch iris however might not be early but a rather a little late. Still it is welcome any time. 

At this moment I am sitting in town using the lovely quick internet posting, liking and commenting while I can. Making hay while the sun shines I guess.

But it is time to do some shopping and head for home to cook dinner and do the afternoon chores. I'm looking forward to it.



River said...

I would celebrate twice too. Who doesn't love extra cake?
That rose is one of my favourites.

kiwikid said...

Hope your shopping went well, the donkey card is cute! Your rose is beautiful, I am enjoying the lavender we have here too. That one is a lovely colour.

I am said...

Hi Tracy oh how lovely a special xmas card already,xmas will be here before we know it.
I love iris and yours is so pretty,hope your day has been a good one my friend .xx

Jeanette said...

Goodness the card is early. Love the donkey on the front. A lady was in the post office yesterday sending Christmas parcels. thought they must have been going overseas but they were only going to WA. Gorgeous rose & iris. Hugs,xx

Janice said...

What a nice surprise to receive an early card. It will be enjoyed far a goodly amount of time before Christmas is packed away for the year. Lovey to see your beautiful blooms.