Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have been in a cranky mood lately. I don't know why, I just have. So I haven't been blogging. I haven't been doing much of any interest just going about my business 'in a mood'. The poor people who live with me. I have snapped out of it now. Thank goodness.

The weather here has been a bit damp. We have had a lot of rain with minor flooding in low lieing areas (not us). It really isn't even good weather for ducks, everything is so very wet.

The sub-soil moisture is going to be great for the spring/summer season coming up. Bumper harvests should ensue as long as the predicted locusts don't get them first.

I have joined up Jodie's swap. It sounds like fun. So a little more knitting before it gets warm and Iput the needles away for the season.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'WInter' gardening

Not much goes on in the winter garden. A little bit of weed removal but mostly just waiting for the brassica plants to bear there deliciousness and try very hard to wait for enough snow peas for a meal. Really just a lot of observing and planning.
This morning on my turn around the vegetable patch, the Roi de Carouby snow peas were looking forlorn. The very wet weather we have had during the last month has knocked them down from the trellis.

The broccoli plants are growing well. I think the wet weather has kept the dreaded cabbage moth away (for now).
My asparagus are showing their heads early this year. I'm not sure if this means that spring is on its way early this year or if our weather patterns are changing and this will become the norm. All I can do is pick it and enjoy it and do my best in my part of the world for our Earth.

My favourite of the mornings walk though was this gorgeous heartsease. They come up year after year and are so jolly and sweet. I'm enjoying this break from the hard work of summer in the garden but I am very much looking forward to spring planting time and summer harvests.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Girls

The girls are happy and settling in to school. I was prepared to be a bit sad myself and feel a little lonely too but I wasn't prepared for a sad cat. Puss has followed me around the house and needs to sit on me every time I sit down. Right now though she is asleep just where she is in the picture above. On the end of Hope's bed, waiting for her to arrive home from school to annoy her.

I have been filling my days with catching up on housework that was put off for when I had more time and going on longer bike rides than usual. When the yard dries out after all of the rain we have had, I will be able to fill the day with gardening too.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Letting Go

The time came this week to say goodbye to my old sewing machine. I was surprised after I listed it on Freecycle that I actually felt an emotional attachment to a sewing machine. I shouldn't have been surprised by the sentiments. I have been hanging on to the machine without using it for about 4 years since I got my new machine.

Anyway, off it has gone to a new home where I hope it can be enjoyed or at least used. It was a great machine. It is strong and heavy together we had a dolls clothes business back when I was at university, we made my daughter's christening gowns, lots of dresses and bags and quilt blocks. It wasn't always a rosy relationship. The machine would stop zig zagging, it wouldn't make button holes anymore and would often jam mid- seam.

I have been missing for a while whilst we made a big decision. My girls are going to start going to school. They both want to be in a school environment and for us home schooling was never a rejection of regular school. So with feelings of great excitement for Grace and Hope and mixed emotions for me, they start on Monday morning.