Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things I like

In reality the list of things I like is never-ending. There's something to new to like and love every single day. That's how I am. Some of the things that have pleased me today are.
Alpine strawberry

Alpine strawberries. Both  the alpine and the regular strawberries are fruiting now but these tiny little gems are super sweet and lovely for a snack on the hop.

 Flowers in general and the foxgloves in particular are just starting to look lovely.

Fabric covered journal.
Christmas bunting for a gift
 A few finished craft projects always brighten me up. It means I've had some time to sit and create and explore one of the other facets of what makes me who I am.

Animals! Not a day goes by that I don't deal with animals. I'll admit that sometimes they can cause some stress. Animal illness in particular is worrisome. But all of my animal friends- pets, livestock and the native wildlife bring me joy on a daily basis.

And lastly, twins. We are half way through lambing and so far there has only been one singleton. If one lamb is cute, twins are (in my opinion) more that double the cuteness. The ewes may very well have a different opinion on twins but I don't listen to those types of complaints.

Friday, October 17, 2014


I am as a rule an animal lover. Flies and rats are the exceptions that prove the rule in this case. I even like snakes. Like, not love, mind. Foxes are no exception even after one took a little lamb last night before it even had a chance to take its first steps. I like foxes in their rightful place which is not here in Australia. It was such a big mistake made in the past bringing them here after the colony was settled.

We are vigilant with watching for predators and doing what should be done to keep them at bay but sometimes it happens. Foxes are crafty. It's not the  fault of the fox, he is only doing what he must to survive. If I could, I'd tell the foxes there are plenty of rabbits which he is more than welcome to.

When I first stared farming a loss like this would have maybe brought on a tear or two but I'm harder now. You become accustomed to these sorts of losses. Even the girls don't cry as much and they are fairly sooky. It  doesn't mean that you aren't affected, just that you can take more in your stride.

I am glad that this ewe like most of the others had twins so she still has one lamb because when they lose both that is sad.

No pictures today.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


The herb garden

You have to go with the flow as far as weather is concerned especially when it is so different from one day to the next. In the single figures yesterday and very chilly the last few nights and back to the spring sunshine today. I'm not complaining, there's no use in that. The only time I'll really complain about the weather is when it is HOT and even more so when there has not been enough rain.

 For the life of me I cannot take a decent picture of these lavender bushes. They are really lovely at the moment. If you could visit then you would know. Covered in flowers and bees too. In there amongst them somewhere is a mandarin tree that would probably definitely benefit from moving. One day maybe I'll shift it or maybe it will pluck up some gumption and get growing where it is.

I had some visitors today (my parents) just in time to give me a rest from figuring out where to plant the last of my dahlia tubers. They came bearing gifts of tomato plants of which I don't think you can have too many. I gave them a cup of tea and after a quick visit sent them on there way with a load of wood, a dozen eggs and some sunflower deeds. Then I whizzed around and planted those tubers using the notion of where would I like to see a dahlia flower as my guide. I hope that works.

Our tiniest lamb so far this year is this little girl. She's a cutie and I would call her that if we didn't already have a Cutie.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Of course

 It's raining and it's turned cold so the lambs are being born. Of course. Nothing so civilised as having babies in fair weather here.

The local birdlife (not the chickens) are loving the wet weather and truth be told, so am I.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Finding Time

This past month I haven't seemed to have enough hours in the day. I certainly haven't had enough time to blog much but I have been busy. Playing catch-up some of the time and working through my to-do list which is ever lengthening.
I can't say I took much time out to 'smell the roses', but I did weed, water and mulch the rose gardens so they are in good shape for the hot weather.
I pruned the roses hard this past winter so I'm hoping that they respond well to that. I can say they all survived their haircuts whether they are happy about it or not remains to be seen. There are flowers on some plants and just buds on others and aphids on many but that's a story for another day.
Climbing Iceberg

Graham Thomas

I have squeezed in some sewing too but that's top secret for now.

Hopefully I can find that extra time soon.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wicked Plants

Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart is one of the books I'm currently reading. It does make for interesting reading. A wee bit scary at times too. It's amazing how many innocent and pretty looking common plants can  dangerous. Plants of course aren't really wicked (except maybe stinging nettles) but it does make a good book title.

You can read more about poisonous plants here if they interest you like they do me.

And now some flower pictures just because it's a nice day outside and the flowers are looking good and in some cases even threatening.





Sunday, October 5, 2014

Garden Share Collective

These words are from Lizzie's blog telling all there is to know about the garden Share Collective.
"The Garden Share Collective is a group of bloggers who share their vegetable patches, container gardens and the herbs they grow on their window sills. Creating a monthly community to navigate through any garden troubles and to rival in the success of a good harvest we will nurture any beginner gardener to flourish. Each month we set ourselves a few tasks to complete by the next month, this gives us a little push to getting closer to picking and harvesting. The long-term goal of the Garden Share Collective is to get more and more people gardening and growing clean food organically and sustainably.
The Garden Share Collective runs on the first Monday of each Month"

I've just returned from a couple of days away so I'm a little more in love with my garden ( I'm a little tired too). I miss it when I'm away. I even bought  a few gifts for the garden, chilli plants, capsicums and a tomato plant. You can't have too many...  not really.

This month I've been sowing and sowing. All of those frost tender plants that love the summertime. Usually I just sow my pumpkins directly but I thought I would try starting some in the greenhouse too. The direct sown plants will most likely perform better than the greenhouse sown and the volunteer/ self sown pumpkins will be best of all. That's just how it goes.

The hungry gap in the garden doesn't really apply here because we can grow all winter long. If there was a hungry gap like cold climate gardeners have, then it would well and truly be over now. Everyday I have plenty to feed us and the chickens and guests too. It's a nice feeling when your efforts are rewarded in such a tasty and healthy way.

The star of the vegetable garden for early spring is always asparagus. It is coming in thick and fast. On the menu every night and sometimes on the breakfast menu too. It is so nice steamed and served with a poached egg.

To do in October
  • it's lambing time so focus is on farm jobs
  • mowing
  • mulching
  • weeding (they love the warmer weather)
  • planting out seedlings
  • sowing more seeds
  • composting
  • and lots more but I have post-holiday brain drain