Saturday, April 30, 2016

This and that

This and that. I've used that title before I'm sure of it. It's a good one for when you can't think of anything better and you have been doing just this and that. Saturdays are a good day for it. Well they are here. No school, not a lot on the work front and plenty of pottering.

I'm up to date with weeding which is a rare thing and it won;t last. I watered, took some photos and just enjoyed the outdoors and the loveliness of an autumn that hasn't quite decided to let go of summer just yet.

The herb garden is flourishing and there is plenty to pick. I really should spend more time in this part of the garden. But I am lazy. I don't mean to be but I am.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday

Five on Friday once again. Thanks to Amy for hosting and to all of the participants who make it such a nice link up.

This week I have delved into things that I thought were beyond me. Adding programs and upgrading bits and pieces on the computer. Of course it is simple enough if you follow instructions but I'm not renowned for that. And I am quite keen on the status quo when it comes to all things technological that is, I like them as un-technological as possible. Anyway it is done and I am living with the consequences. A different look to the computer and I am certain it is brighter and not quite right. I'm not loving it but I'll get used to it or revert back to the way it was before. We'll see.

Anyway. On to the Five on Friday. I want to share some mail related things . Mostly incoming mail. My outgoing mail this week was a bit boring in comparison. I did do a little bit of envelope 'art'  but I didn't bother to snap a photo.

Two delightful letters on Wednesday. Caryn and Debbie brightened a day that needed some brightening. Thank you ladies.

Postcards. I have a pinboard in my room which I display all of my postcards on. It is filling up and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Just this afternoon I opened up a letter from my penpal, Jen. She surprised me with some tea which will be lovely I'm sure. I'll drink one when I pen her a letter sometime this weekend.

The biggest mail surprise this week was from Debbie. I feel very lucky indeed to have such a lovely friend to put a parcel together with me in mind. I met Debbie last year when we were Christmas card swap partners and I hope we can meet in real life sometime over the UK summer.

I have a number of penfriends. Some write regularly and some less so but all are equally special. I treasure all of those friendships just like I do friends I see in person. And my blogging friends too of course.

Letter related but not a letter. I borrowed this book from my library based solely on the title. I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed it and although I am not searching for a way to live an artistic life, the idea the author employed of writing 3 pages a day in a journal has ticked a box for me. I'm giving it a go. The idea of painted letters does sound rather special too. Perhaps I will try it or more likely just order one for myself.

Thanks for visiting today.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Umm, I can't think of a title. One of those days where I'm not even sure I should write anything at all actually. Well I won't write very much. The flowers on the dining table this week are sweet little snapdragons. I don't often pick them, preferring to just enjoy them when I am in the garden. But I couldn't resist a small bouquet.

Writing has been happening elsewhere even if I haven't been writing here much. Letters and postcards. Only one of these letters is a reply the others are all notes for no reason other than to bring someone a smile. I like to do things that might make someone smile. Mother's Day and birthday cards are the next must do on my letter writing list. I really must this evening given how slow the post has been moving of late.

Just the regular stuff has been keeping me busy. Farm stuff, garden stuff, housework, reading, cooking and lots of thinking. Maybe too much thinking.


Friday, April 22, 2016

A Random Five on Friday

Five on Friday hosted by Amy. It comes around quicker every week I'm sure. This week my thoughts are here and there and everywhere and as is my collection of pictures. There's nothing tying them together other than I took them and they are from my camera. And I want to post a Five on Friday post because it is a fun link up so I'll grasp at straws just to do it.
Actually now that I look at these random pictures, they aren't completely unrelated. 

Puss on the porch enjoying the sunny autumn weather. I think it would be quite a nice existence to be a cat or rather this cat in particular. She is spoilt.

Arrow on the porch on a rainy autumn day. How nice for her that I leave my sweater/ jumper just anywhere when I get hot. Perfect for dogs to commandeer.

The lemon grass in the front garden. it is looking so lovely and lush now. It suffered a bit in summer but has recovered nicely.

It's hard to spy but right in the centre of this dahlia flower is a lovely bee. And this flower is right there above the lemongrass.

The same dahlia plant (and my boots) from a different angle. Looking out my front door early in the morning.

Thanks for visiting. Busy days ahead so I'm not sure if I will be blogging or reading much. Unless it rains and then who knows.


Thursday, April 21, 2016


I used to be someone who was quite focused and could get done what I set out to do but I have noticed in the last long while, I have become so easily distracted. And I think it is stressing me somewhat or even quite a lot especially during the hours of insomnia. It isn't me or maybe it is me now and I don't like it. I don't know. What a muddle!

Anyway in an effort to distract my self from thinking about being distracted, I spent a good couple of hours planting after the morning's work was done.

I sowed seeds and wondered is there any point, I am going away for an extended holiday and I might not be home to reap what I have sown. Well someone will benefit. Whoever I have to stay as long as they are lovers of vegetables that is. If not there's always a bird or rabbit or possum looking for a sneaky meal and they do love fresh vegetables.

That's one of the things I am avoiding. The travel itinerary. It's not something I'm experienced with. We have only taken week long holidays every few years since 1999. And never to anywhere exotic or foreign or faraway. I just have to do it and that's what I'll do this afternoon definitely. No more distraction on this issue anyway. If it is in writing here then I have to follow through.

Perhaps if I work out why I have become so lazy then I might be half way to fathoming the whole distraction issue.

Anyway I hope you liked the distraction of some pretty garden pictures while I blabbered on about nothing.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Some confusion

The calendar doesn't lie so it has been officially autumn for a month but there is some confusion amongst my plants. Then there were the ducklings that hatched out in autumn too so perhaps there is confusion all round.

The crepe myrtles are definitely in tune with the calendar and know what is good for them. They have their lovely russet leaves on display and look just a nice now as they do when in full bloom.

The mulberry trees on the other hand are in trouble. They have lost their leaves and are now sprouting new ones and fruit as well. They are under the impression that it is spring. The day lengths are about the same as early spring and the temperatures too so who can blame them really. I tell you these two mulberry trees are nothing but trouble. The white mulberry can't be relied on for any fruit at all in the spring but it is covered in baby mulberries now just waiting for a frost to wipe them out. It is a lovely tree to look at though. The black mulberry was a lovely tree in its infancy but blew over once when it was first in the ground and has been recalcitrant ever since. Well as much as a tree can be  that is. Hope they work this season stuff out.

No confusion here. White strawberries. They are delicious and taste like lollies/candy. Like the red alpine strawberry they great plants to grow and if you ever come across one and are wondering whether to buy it or not, I'd say go for it. Yum!

I'm going to have a cup of tea and then plant some peas because it is autumn and that is what I do.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tea break...not

Well the pictures might make you think that I just went on a long tea break over the weekend but that is not the case. The trip was to attend my nephews' baptism and to fulfil the role of godmother. It has been in the pipeline for moths so I had plenty of time to be prepared and ready for the trip but boy was I still tired yesterday after the long drive home on Sunday night.
tearoom tea

I like the odd cup of coffee but tea is my thing and if I find somewhere that sets a pretty table and bakes lovely sweets (for the others I like savoury best) then I'm there.

Hope couldn't resist the temptation of a caramel centred chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache icing. I hear that it was delicious. Not a crumb was left.

tea at home

Tea time at home is not quite as pretty but just as sweet. More so probably. I love being at home more than anywhere else.

My lovely sister sent me home with some cake. She made me a parsnip and walnut cake. Sounds odd to have parsnip in a cake but it is very moreish. Just like a carrot cake but with just a nice hint of the parsnip flavour. Made even more delicious because I bought some more of my new favourite tea on Friday.

It's not all sweet treats though. Dinner in Newtown at Lentil as Anything. Between the five of us we ordered everything on the menu and it gets the thumbs up again. If you are in the Newtown area it's a great place to eat (actually Newtown is great for restaurants in general). I like that Lentils is vegan and not for profit (pay as you feel) and has a certain vibe that you don't find everywhere. Best advice, get there early to avoid lining up.

Well it is back to the regular routine now. No more trips between now and the UK in a couple of months. I hope. I need to keep my feet on the ground for a while.