Saturday, August 27, 2016


I do plan to post a few bits and pieces from the holiday especially about my visit to River Cottage HQ but I am so busy getting the gardens ready for spring. I did slack off a little in the garden before we went away because I knew no matter what I did then it would be for nought and I was right. It's a jungle. 

Happily for the most part the weeds are chickweed and although it is edible, I just don't really like it. There is so much of it even the chooks have had enough too.

 A little or a lot of toil every day, depending on how much energy I have to give, and I'm getting there.

Of course I also came home with a renewed love for home and I have plans to provide more of our food needs. I think I am a glutton for punishment really.

When I popped a few rows of peas and broad beans in a few months ago I crossed my fingers hoping they wouldn't be over before we got home. I'm glad I sowed those seeds. The weeds have tried hard to all but smother most things but the peas, broad beans, kales and Brussels sprouts have prevailed.

Not too sure about the garlic plants. I've spent a good while today trying to untangle them from the weeds and they definitely need some sunshine. The winter garden harvest will be light on this year but I think that will mean the spring and summer will be even better for the garden resting. I hope anyway.

I have a mountain of correspondence to reply to as well which is such a lovely way to spend the cold nights.


Thursday, August 25, 2016


For the first time since May 21st, I have logged into my Blogger home page. I switched off after having a spot of trouble with my past posts (still having it but I'll sort it) and then just a bit of the can't be bothered attitude kicked in as well. Then when you have been away from something for a while, it is hard to pick up again.

In that three month period, I have done things I never thought I would. Travelled to the UK and Iceland and all the way back again. I guess I can no longer bang on about my fear of flying. I really didn't mid the flying that much at all once I got over my jitters. Visited so many wonderful places and enjoyed it with Tim and the girls.

I'm glad to see that I still have some followers here who might be glad to see a post from me and very glad to see that Blogger hasn't changed in the three months and I still know how to post.

Bye for now,

Saturday, May 21, 2016


There appears to be a glitch in my system. I'm working on it.

I think I have sorted it. Just had to revert everything to drafts and then republish. well I think it worked.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Five on Friday

Last time I posted I was going to be posting a Five on Friday but, I have missed a week. I came unstuck this week. A doozy of a migraine has had me keeping a low profile for a good few days. I'm not sure where it came from but I have an inkling that I may have been stressing a little too much about something and my mind needed a rest.

So here I am on Friday linking up with Amy and posting five pictures from this week.

A simple morning tea on Sunday. My parents visited and for a change, I didn't go over the top with baking. Just a simple date slice which was rather delicious. 

Big sky country it's called and it really is. Up on the tablelands and totally lovely. Quite a lot drier than home and not much feed in the paddocks but beautiful nonetheless.

Thunderbolt's Rock near Uralla. Right in the middle of nowhere and a nice place to stop and even do a little geocaching if you are into that.

I love to walk, hike, stroll whatever. As long as it is outside and there is something pleasant to look at. I like rotundas and statues and plants and little footbridges too. I'm really looking forward to walking in the UK.

Further to my love of being in nature, I like fungi. In my working life I dealt with clinical mycology but it is not of much use to me now to know all about that. I am still very much a scientist at heart and like to look at the natural world from that point of view as well as just enjoying the beauty and wonder.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Farm

I just realised I haven't posted much about the farm lately. What's been happening, how things are growing and such. It's all good. Maybe that's why I haven't felt a need to say too much. Rainy days here and there means we have grass to feed the animals. Not as much as I would like but I don't think I have ever known there to be too much.

I had a good walk around on Tuesday and there are a few odd jobs to keep me occupied. Weeds to remove- mullein, blackberries, bracken. Odd bits of wire to pick up and recycle- it surfaces now and then like a messy glimpse at past fencing. Rocks and sticks to pile up or something.

I also want to fence off an acre or so for growing more vegetables. Maybe grains for our own consumption too.

Maybe some sitting by the creek too. That's always good for the mind and spirit. No paddling. That water is fresh from the spring up the top of the street and it is freezing no matter what time of year.

The sheep are looking good including the older ewes. They live the life I tell you. They eat, they sleep, they have some nice real estate with lovely views too.

No harder to be a Highland cow here  either. This mob spends there days by the creek and are lazy as can be. They will come running if there is the slightest hint that there is hay or something tasty on offer. I guess if you have four 'stomachs' then it's a safe guess that food is never far from your mind. And these beasties are not timid at all and can be quite friendly which can be intimidating. Maybe I should put up a warning sign.

The garden is doing well now that the heat has abated (thank goodness). I'm holding off from planting too much at the moment. I didn't even go to my favourite natives nursery yesterday when I was visiting Armidale. It would be too tempting and I just can't plant until I come home from The Trip. Plant and seed buying is my vice. Had to be content with walking, geocaching, sight seeing and a visit to the Goldfish Bowl (yum).

Tomorrow is Friday Night with Friends so I will hopefully be crafting something because I have signed up. It's also Five on Friday if you want to play along.

Bye for now

Saturday, April 30, 2016

This and that

This and that. I've used that title before I'm sure of it. It's a good one for when you can't think of anything better and you have been doing just this and that. Saturdays are a good day for it. Well they are here. No school, not a lot on the work front and plenty of pottering.

I'm up to date with weeding which is a rare thing and it won;t last. I watered, took some photos and just enjoyed the outdoors and the loveliness of an autumn that hasn't quite decided to let go of summer just yet.

The herb garden is flourishing and there is plenty to pick. I really should spend more time in this part of the garden. But I am lazy. I don't mean to be but I am.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday

Five on Friday once again. Thanks to Amy for hosting and to all of the participants who make it such a nice link up.

This week I have delved into things that I thought were beyond me. Adding programs and upgrading bits and pieces on the computer. Of course it is simple enough if you follow instructions but I'm not renowned for that. And I am quite keen on the status quo when it comes to all things technological that is, I like them as un-technological as possible. Anyway it is done and I am living with the consequences. A different look to the computer and I am certain it is brighter and not quite right. I'm not loving it but I'll get used to it or revert back to the way it was before. We'll see.

Anyway. On to the Five on Friday. I want to share some mail related things . Mostly incoming mail. My outgoing mail this week was a bit boring in comparison. I did do a little bit of envelope 'art'  but I didn't bother to snap a photo.

Two delightful letters on Wednesday. Caryn and Debbie brightened a day that needed some brightening. Thank you ladies.

Postcards. I have a pinboard in my room which I display all of my postcards on. It is filling up and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Just this afternoon I opened up a letter from my penpal, Jen. She surprised me with some tea which will be lovely I'm sure. I'll drink one when I pen her a letter sometime this weekend.

The biggest mail surprise this week was from Debbie. I feel very lucky indeed to have such a lovely friend to put a parcel together with me in mind. I met Debbie last year when we were Christmas card swap partners and I hope we can meet in real life sometime over the UK summer.

I have a number of penfriends. Some write regularly and some less so but all are equally special. I treasure all of those friendships just like I do friends I see in person. And my blogging friends too of course.

Letter related but not a letter. I borrowed this book from my library based solely on the title. I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed it and although I am not searching for a way to live an artistic life, the idea the author employed of writing 3 pages a day in a journal has ticked a box for me. I'm giving it a go. The idea of painted letters does sound rather special too. Perhaps I will try it or more likely just order one for myself.

Thanks for visiting today.