Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wilty and sowing for winter

wilted tomatillo plant

 We have been having the kind of hot sunny days that makes things wilt. Including me it would seem. I felt rather exhausted yesterday and I am a stubborn type so I just can't have that. Much better today even if the tomatillo plants don't agree. I'll use my mind over matter theory to keep me busy until either my energy returns or I succumb completely. I'm healthy, just tired.

Now that school is back and well and truly settled, the work day has more of a routine. I'm back to a gardening schedule to keep on top of things. And as long as I get the outside jobs done before the heat sets in all is good and the afternoons are mine.

This week I've been concentrating on mulching and I must remember to buy some more straw. And although it is hot and dry and really the last thing on my mind is lovely winter vegetables it is time to get a start on sowing seeds of broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and the like. Hard to imagine really but I'll do that this week. Hopefully I can have some success with the sprouts this time, I never get a good crop off those. It is cold enough for them here but then it gets hot quickly and they just bolt.


The heat loving plants are having the best time in the garden. Okra which I grow but I have found I am not a fan of. I might grow it in the flower garden next year, to free up space but still have some just for interest.

Baby/ popcorn

 I planted these miniature corns/ popcorn only a few weeks ago and they are thriving. I've grown popcorn before but not this variety. It was a packet of free seeds from the local library and I'm happy with them thus far.

Tigerella tomato

Tomatoes are at their peak. My favourite this summer is the Tigerella. Well it was my favourite yesterday. A nice medium sized tomato and quite pretty.
Dragons are definitely heat lovers. I planted them in amongst the vegetables this year. I don't know if it helps in any companion planting way but it adds a pop of colour when it is sometimes lacking. Along with sweetpeas, snapdragons are up the top of my favourite flower list. They remind me of the 1970s and I liked the 1970s.
Well, there we go, my tea break is over. Almost. Just enough time to leave a few comments and then get back to the to-do list.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Friday Sewing- catch up

First Friday of each month is Friday Night with Friends. Cheryll hosts a linkup for stitchers and crafters around the world to get together virtually for some fun. I am lucky it is a virtual meet up because I am  hopeless when it comes to staying up much past 8:30pm so I try to get an early start and still go to bed 'on time'. It usually means I don't get much done but all those little bits of sewing here and there one day add up to be a finished product and I enjoy the process just as much as the end result anyway.

 This month I decided to finally cut into the puffin fabric I received as a Christmas gift. I love puffins! I only had a fat quarter so I wasn't sure how to make the best use of it. A bag, a zipper pouch? I decided on a cover for my journal. I'll take it with me when I go over to Iceland and the UK . And yes, I am hoping to see real puffins when I'm over there.

And, I still have enough of the fabric left over for a small zippered pouch.

 Usually I make journal covers out of a print that has some sort of large feature I can pick out to quilt but this one, I just quilted around each little puffin. Now they are kind of puffy which I like.

As I went to bed on time and didn't start sewing early, I only got an hour or so in of cutting and stitching and procrastinating and chatting so I didn't finish my journal cover. Well how could I, I am undecided about which binding fabric to use. Won't take many minutes to finish though so that's good.
I'm really glad I joined in again this month. Sometimes you need that little bit of motivation to stop and sit and stitch just for fun. Thank you so much Cheryll. Now it's time to check out what all of the other Friends got up to on Friday night.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday

Thank you to Amy for hosting Five on Friday.
This week my post is all about my sweet cat, Puss. She turns 9 today so a special post with pictures of her and not too many words. Of all of the cats that have owned me, she has the sweetest temperament and is the most loving and the most talkative. She's a sweetheart.
As a kitten
Helping with craft
Saying hello
Most likely telling me she is hungry.

Happy birthday Puss.

Bye for now

Friday Night with Friends

Friday Night with Friends. It's on tonight and I'm joining in. I'll be stitching along here at home with Hope and also with my online friends. Lots of fun. I think we will have a fakeaway dinner tonight to  add to the atmosphere of a fun night with friends.

Thanks to Cheryll for organising the get together.

I'l be back later today for Five on Friday and tomorrow with what I got up to for Friday Night with Friends.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday

I am joining in with the lovely Amy for Five on Friday. Not five photos this week for me but rather five good things from my week.

Five Good Things

My library and the books I have borrowed. The required travel guides, some fiction and a memoir or two. I can't afford to buy all of the books I read so I'm glad I have a good library.

Rain. Around 50mm of precipitation this week and the grass is lovely and green and the garden has been nicely watered.

A Chinese New Year card made by my artistic friend Mia. Mia is very clever and I have to say she has the neatest handwriting I have ever seen. I like my card but monkeys still scare me.
Tomatoes. They are aplenty right now and at their peak of quality. Yum!
My sewing machine. I actually spent some time using it. I've been inspired to do some making by Dawn O'Porter's television program This Old Thing.
Not a good thing this week, follower issues with Blogger again.
Hope you can pop over and visit Amy and some of the other participants or maybe join in too.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sewing and soup weather.

A lovely wet and misty day today. I do love this kind of weather because it is a novelty and not the norm. Outside jobs get done quick smart and then onto some sewing. I am one of those who doesn't feel quite right sitting down to stitch when there is some work I could or should be doing. I need to let go of that notion or at the least loosen its grip on me.

So today I've pottered about. Prepping my Send a Little Love Swap hosted by Tracy. Sewing this and that in readiness for tomorrow's post so it can wing its way all the way to Pat.

Just a sneaky peep at some of the fabric I have used. Doesn't give anything away at all so Pat is still in the dark until her package arrives. I love this Aussie fabric but this is the last of it in my stash.

 Lunch was a big bowl of soup (I think dinner will be too). I bought some sweet potatoes because they were on special $2/kg (which is special for here) and because I love them. I make this soup all the time and truth be told most of my pureed soups are made in much the same manner as this one. Onion, garlic sweated in olive oil, add the desired vegetables and cover with water. Add a little stock powder too or use liquid stock if you prefer.

I've had stock on my shopping list for a week now and I keep forgetting to buy it. Never mind, a little bit of Vegemite has been doing the trick each  time I've needed it.

The actual recipe for this Sweet Potato and Red Lentil Soup can be found way back here in 2010. Wow, that's a while ago. Even the lentil shirkers in my house love this soup. It's easy  and I like that because sometimes no matter how much you like cooking, a quick and healthy meal is what you prefer.


Slow, slow internet

I'm dealing with slow internet and Blogger issues with picture loading. The joys of living in the middle of nowhere and relying on a slow old satellite connection. Funny what I consider slow these days when it is only a few years since I was muddling along with dial up.

I am on the cheapest internet plan I can be and still have internet. So maybe that is a trade off for the frugal attitude, sometimes things take a little bit longer. That's ok. Slow living, it's the thing these days right?

I'll take it as a sign, telling me to get offline and get busy. I do apologise for not commenting this week while I sort this issue out.