Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Tomatoes- every day. So far there are only cherry tomatoes and this new to me variety Jaune Flamme which lives up to its name, being very yellow.

December usually brings lots of good in the mailbox and this parcel arrived today from My lovely swap partner. Now all I have to do is not give in to the temptation to open or even squeeze my gifts. It's only 20 more days so I should be ok. I'm not sure I am that good though.

This swap is organised by Cheryll and she does an amazing job. I can't even imagine the logistics behind it. I think it helps though that the ladies who take part are sweet and kind and generous.

And something good  in the garden today. My turkey, Colin. He isn't the friendliest fellow here but he knows how to strut his stuff.

I hope you have some good things top celebrate.