Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Away

I spent last weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary. The past two years we have gone away for the weekend now that our children are old enough to not miss us too much. Last year we spent the weekend at Kings Plains Castle which was nice. This year we stayed at Peterson's Guesthouse in Armidale.
The weather was a bit grey and overcast so not conducive to good photography. The accommodation was lovely. It was quite grand without being over the top.

They provided a lovely cheese platter which left little room for dinner out but we managed.

It was nice to not have to cook or clean or have to perform those other every day tasks for a couple of days. The first thing we did when we got home though was to go outside and plant out the new plants we gave each other as gifts. Tim received two roses- Fire Fighter and Gift of Grace and I received a lovely Ruby Grapefruit tree so in a few years I will have our own grapefruit to make our favourite sorbet. Dinner on Sunday night was a simple vegetable laden stir-fry. It always seems to me that meals eaten out are often light on the vegetables.
Back to normal life today with 5 loads of washing, moving sheep around different paddocks, feeding chickens, weeding. No school though, we are having two weeks break.


Belinda said...

Congratulations, I hope you are starting another happy year, with those gifts it certainly sounds like it.

Kind Regards

ecoMILF said...

Sounds great and happy anniversary! It'll be nice when ours are old enough to get away for a weekend... not anytime soon though! : ). xx

Out Back said...

Happy Anniversary to you both....what a great idea to have the weekend away together.

Hope you had fun,


Julie said...

Happy anniversary Tracey sounds like you guys had a nice mini break and what a wonderful idea to buy each other plants, every time you look at the roses and pick the grapefruit you will remeber this anniversary.