Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to school

Today was the first day of school for 2011. Lisa asked me if Australian children attend school all year round. The answer is no. I know the Australian readers understand our school terms but I never thought much about our northern hemisphere neighbours who don't. The Australian school year starts in January/early February and there are four terms (in NSW anyway). The children have there summer vacation over the Christmas/ New Year period so it works out perfectly for a nice long break at just the right time of year.The first day back at school is the hardest for me at least. I didn't really like it when I was at school and I don't like giving up our holiday time together. Although the girls loved their time at home school, they are well and truly settled into main stream schooling now and we are going to continue with this choice for them. They are happy and that is very important.
Tomorrow the other lessons start- violin, piano and musicianship. At the moment I'm having a rethink about our music commitments. The time involved is just one factor but the costs are becoming quite inhibiting. With two children learning and attending orchestra etc, our tuition costs are about $150 per week during the school term which for my mind is too much. It just seems that once you start learning something like music, it is hard to stop. Time will tell, maybe I can work out a way around the expense or perhaps at least justify it to myself.
My pictures are a bit random. My nasturtium is a flower from the seeds that Janice sent me in Jodie's swap and the tomatillo is ripening away on the bush. I am really eager to try the tomatillo as I have never had them before and am quite pleased that I have some fruit.
Tomorrow morning I will be busy. I have a date with some plums and tomatoes that need to be made into chutney and sauce.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the lesson in how the "other half" lives, Tracy!

It's so nice to hear a mother who's sorry to see her children go back to school. So many can't wait to get rid of them. :)

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Hi Tracy
Both my children did distance education with the eldest finishing grade 12 last year. Taking him away from the farm and sending him to school would be viewed as a punishment by him!

My daughter whom I taught to read and write is now attending a small country school. This suits her personality and she likes it.

Just goes to show how individual they can be. It surely took some getting used to and I think that I took it harder LOL (I know where you are coming from)

Paola said...

Tracy, I understand where you are coming from with the cost of music lessons - they are dauntingly expensive, and there is never a point when you can say you've "mastered" your instrument, there is always more to learn.