Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hot and Jammy

Today is hot to say the least. Chores were done early. I managed to get some mowing done and found enough strawberries in the garden to make a small batch of jam. I have never had enough before and I just scraped by this time. It helped that no one else was around when I brought them inside.The kitchen (actually the whole house) smelt great while the jam bubbled away. It really smelt like strawberry lollies.
Bottled up, still warm and almost ready to enjoy. Strawberry jam is very easy to make. A little water, a little lemon juice and equal quantities of strawberries and sugar. Summer in a bottle. I'm glad I got it made before the kitchen hots up later.


Vickie said...

Oh yummo Tracy I can alsmost smellit and taste it from here,cheers Vickie

joolzmac said...

Yum! Definitely summer in a jar! I haven't checked out the mulberry tree where I usually go each summer - I still have some jam left over from last year so probably not worth making any more.


BubzRugz said...

Can't beat home made strawberry jam....