Saturday, January 15, 2011


Subdued was definitely the mood of the town when I headed in there yesterday.The Country Music Festival that takes over the town every year in January didn't have the same vibe yesterday.Hopefully things will pick up as the festival continues. There were markedly less people on the street and having a look around the camp sites, there were a lot less visitors there too. The street is usually full of people but not so yesterday. I guess many of the people who had planned a trip to our town had their plans changed by the recent weather events. Fun and frivolity isn't on the top of peoples priorities.

I made the most of my day in town. I made my regular blood donation (although that almost didn't happen due to low haemoglobin levels), bought Tim's birthday present for Monday ( gps device and a new spotlight), had afternoon tea and dinner out, bought a few groceries and a few other bits and pieces. Boring but thankfully so.

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