Friday, February 25, 2011

Sick Day Activities

Hope has been home from school for two days feeling a bit poorly. Nothing serious, just a typical malady for her age, sniffles, sore throat and just to round out the illness, a bout of vomiting in the car. Tim has the car at work today so I am hoping that it comes home smelling sweeter than it did last night. Yesterday she was very quiet and not her usual self but today she is definitely on the mend. She has taken advantage of the absence of Grace and spent some time in Grace's room on the keyboard.
She has even had enough energy to do a chore for me today. I picked the dried Ying Yang beans but was yet to take the beans out of the pod. It is a perfect job for little hands and the only payment she asked was to take a couple of beans.

Ying Yang Beans
Who could resist. They are quite lovely to look at and weren't bad producers either. The Ying Yang beans are bush beans and don't require staking or a trellis. I have plenty of seeds for next season and maybe enough to give away a few or swap.
I'm taking advantage of having to stay close to home and sorting out my fabric box and then starting a bit of sewing. Now that Hope is feeling better, I can really enjoy it.


Lisa said...

What nice names - Hope and Grace. I'm glad she's feeling better.
And, thanks for the nice comment the other day.

Frogdancer said...

Those beans look amazing! I've never seen them before.

BubzRugz said...

sorry to hear Hope is not too well - what wonderful YIng Yang Beans... I have never seen them before. Do you eat them? I would love some if you can still spare... I have some gem squash seeds I could swap... do you know them?

joolzmac said...

How cool are those beans. Never heard of them before. Hope Hope is soon better.

Cheers - Joolz

Janice said...

It's no good that Hope has been unwell. I'm glad she is on the mend. I've never seen or heard of ying yang beans before, but the name is certainly appropriate. You will have to tell us some more about them. How do you use them? Just like other dry beans or what?

Paola said...

Must be going around - I've had similar symptoms to Hope the last few days (sans vomiting), and have been uncharacteristically glued to the couch. Slowly coming out of it, I hope Hope is the same.
Those Ying Tang beans look amazing!