Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today was one of those sweet days. The kind where yoou seem to get a lot done and even have time for a little nap in the afternoon too. It might be that my pace isn't so hectic today or that the tasks themselves are sweeter.

We robbed one of the hives this afternoon so we are honey rich at tonight. The bees weren't too pleased but there were no stings and we left them plenty for the winter which will be here soon enough. Tomorrow we bottle. Sticky fun.


Anita said...

Do you have enough honey that you can sell? (to a city slicker LOL)

Anne said...

opposite of me, I feel snowed under with all that needs doing in a short time. I hope it is swings and roundabouts and my sweet time is coming. enjoy yours.

Lisa said...

Yes, I know those kind of days - glad you had one to balance out your hectic Tuesdays.