Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vitual Decluttering

Today I'm taking advantage of the windy conditions and spending some time inside. I decided it was high-time for some virtual decluttering. I have files on the computer that are past their usefulness and many, many pictures that needed to be put on cd before printing.

Tim and Tracy

I thought this portrait that Hope took wasn't too bad. There were some keepers amongst the pictures but I'm not sure I need too many pictures of Tom's dartboard as evidence of a great score or of Hope's Polly Pockets performing various activities. I just never know what will be on the camera.

I think I have burnt almost 1000 images to cd and I'm very much in need of a rest from this small screen. Thankfully the garden wants watering and I'm up for the task.



Vickie said...

Oh Tracy well done on the task, my husband is often suggesting i do the same-but alas I start of with good intentions and then get side tracked..that is a gorgeous photo of you and Tim, cheers Vickie

Janice said...

Do you want to come to my house and tidy up my computer as well? If you got sick of it, you could always work in my garden? LOL! I thought not.
It is a lovely photo of the two of you. Hope must be pleased with her photography skills.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Just another thing we need to clean up in the house isn't it Tracey... I too need to do the same thing as my laptop broke and I have some lost things now.

Christy said...

Hi Tracey,

That is such a nice photo of Tim and you.

Also was fascinated to see your rice harvest.