Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tranquillity for Tuesday

As Tuesday is my busy day with trips to town for music lessons (and shopping today too), I have made a decision to make sure there is a little something each Tuesday that keeps me feeling a little more calm. Instead of rushing around, I made time this morning to visit the garden. Not just work there but have a visit. Look around and enjoy it.

Roi de carouby snow pea

I usually follow Gardenate's advice about when to plant different things and so far it hasn't failed me. In the future I'm also going to make sure I pay more attention to nature too. This snow pea is a volunteer plant. It is thriving along with a few other volunteers and we have even eaten a few pods from it. If I had have planted at least some of my seeds when these self-sown ones popped up, I would be harvesting pods rather than one pod at a time. Still, the snow peas that I planted last month are hurrying along and should be giving us some crunch soon.

The frost has certainly been hitting the plants. It already looks like this winter will be cold. Cold and dry. The chillies are still good even if they didn't get to redden but the leaves are very sad. I picked the chillies and we will have some tonight on a quick dinner of pizzas. The rest of the chillies, I will string up to dry.

It is time for the asparagus to sleep for the winter. Until two years ago I had the whole asparagus harvest to myself. No one liked it. Tim's only experience with asparagus was the canned variety. Sometimes I wish I didn't convince him to try homegrown. He is a real convert now and it might even be his favourite vegetable. My response to more eaters, is more plants. I would like to grow the purple variety too just for added interest.

Now I'm feeling centred and calm and ready to drive to town, shop, sit in on violin lessons until I can come home where I belong.



Lisa said...

I am always trying to balance myself and my day. Sounds like you're doing pretty well.

Anne said...

A nice way to stay calm Tracy.

Phoebe said...

The pea is beautiful! Its always a bonus to have pretty edible plants in the garden and a volunteer is even better!
I just stumbled upon your blog and have loved reading through your posts.

shez said...

what a lovely post Tracy

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I like your snow pea flower colour really sweet. No wonder it makes you calm.