Thursday, June 9, 2011

East West, Home is Best

Tim and I have just spent a lovely weekend away at Blair Athol in Inverell, NSW. Three days away from home and I was more than ready to return with renewed energy and motivation. After running around busily of late, it was nice to take some time to have nothing to do but I am a homebody at heart and I'm very glad to be back.The house was lovely and Inverell is a nice country town with many things to see and do.

I did have a little bit of Bunya envy. The Bunya pines at Blair Athol are over 100 years old and are huge whilst my little slow growing specimen is only a metre high and I will not live to see it in its glory. Kim from Blair Athol generously gave me three bunya cones to bring home so now I will at least have some nuts to experiment with.
A holiday for me always involves looking around at plants and gardens. We visited Saumarez Homestead at Armidale too and had a lovely tour of the gardens and farm buildings. I might not ever be able to afford to live in a country mansion but I can at least have a garden of equal quality.

My favourite parts of the garden were the picking garden and Mary's garden. I loved the terracotta pots on the stakes, it was just like home. The very simple looking frames made from branches is something I will try with my dahlias next year just like the volunteer gardeners have done here.

Since coming home, I have been baking and cooking and just essentially enjoying living my regular life. If it is warmer tomorrow, I might even get to garden.



Anne said...

Oh I like those frames too, will have to make some. I like the bare, tidy, look of winter gardens.

shez said...

glad you had a wonderful holiday your pics are great what a nice place

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Wow lucky you. Sometimes its good to do something different just to unwind but alas coming home is always best for me......

joolzmac said...

It's nice to have a few days away in a new place - very renewing. Blair Athol looks lovely.
We are heading away for a long weekend in a couple of weeks, in our Land Rover Defender (Ruby). Camping for 2 nights at a place called Mountain Dam in Victoria.... although only if the weather will be dry - I don't do camping in the wet!

Cheers - Joolz

Lisa said...

You had a rest, and inspiration - two good things.

HAZEL said...

I like those frames and pots on stakes too. Looks like a fabulous place for a get away.

Kerry said...

Hi Bec, A little birdy told me that you had visited Saumarez, great place - what an amazing garden it has
Are you interested in joining a new little group of "Want to be gardeners"