Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday in the garden

There has been little harvesting this week so I am not posting a Harvest Monday post. I did however get to spend a lot of today outside tending to odd jobs that have needed to be done for a little while.

I did a general tidy up in the vegetable garden. It is looking a tad bare but I can assure you that there are good things growing. Peas, snow peas, garlic galore, rocket, dill and lots more too. Gardening in Australia is definitely no hardship. Growing all year round and today with a bit of work and glorious sunshine, I even managed to dress down to short sleeves. The winter garden is so much easier to maintain, even the weeds are kinder. Chickweed is rampant but it is so much easier to control than the kikuyu which dogs me in the warmer months.

It really was a lovely winter day today. The girls are on school holidays so we have had a nice day together. Grace has made us a lovely chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting which is rich and toothsome. She loves baking and does her own cleaning up too. I'm so glad that I let all of my children help in the kitchen from when they were tiny so they have learnt to cook without any hardship. I will admit there were times that I would have preferred to do the baking without helping hands. I'm wiser now though, those little helping hands grow too quickly.



Blore said...

What a nice place to spend your day. Wish I could have shared in that chocolate cake Grace.

Vickie said...

looks like it was a lvoely day, I love seeing your vegetable garden and even showed hubbyt he pics hehehe (for when we relocate) he said oh yes that is do-able,hmmm does Grace want to come to my house and bake,cheers Vickie

Jellywares said...

I love seeing pictures of your garden Tracy!!!

What a beautiful spot you live in, thanks for sharing..

Jodie :)