Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today is bleak. Wind , rain and sleet. Just perfect for staying indoors. I do love a nice misty day though. Everything seems quiet and peaceful. I have spent a little time today looking at seed catalogues. Even if I don't order any seeds this year, the catalogues with their tempting pictures are a nice reminder that the new growing season is on its way. It will be here soon enough and this lovely cool winter will be a memory.

I have been keeping records for a little while now and this winter is the coolest we have had for a few years. Many frosty mornings and low temperatures generally. It is just how winter should be for these parts.

When it is cold, it is nice to eat cake. I made this Pink Velvet cake on Saturday. It was delicious. It took us a couple of days but we managed to finish it off. It isn't overly sweet which I like and has the most luscious frosting with marscapone, cream cheese and icing sugar. A little goes a long way.

For those who commented on my 200th post. Thank you. I have the giveaway sorted ready to be sent soon.

Take care,



africanaussie said...

thank you Tracy, I have e-mailed you my address. I am glad my hot pinks warmed you up. the next one coming up is all my reds, so that should be a warming read as well. Our weather has been cooler than usual as well, but nothing like you experience.

Kimmie said...

You cake looks delish and so pretty!

Phoebe said...

Yes, I'd love some of that cake right now!
I love the picture of the veggie garden! Spring planting is so exciting.