Monday, July 11, 2011

In my last post I did sound a little down but I'm not at all really. Thank you to everyone who showed concern. It does lift the spirits to know that people care.

After another fruitless ram hunting trip on Thursday, we decided that to get what we were looking for, we would have to both spend a little bit of money and travel a bit further from home. Consequently, we drove to Bathurst to buy our new as yet un-named ram. The drive with a trailer in tow is about 6 hours each way so we made it an overnight stay and spent Friday night in Mudgee. With an early start for Bathurst on Saturday.
Whenever I visit a town actually whenever I see a rotunda, I always take a picture. The one above is in Bathurst and at 7:30 am on a cold July morning I just took a quick snap and headed back to the car.

The rotunda in the park at Mudgee was probably just as nice bit as it is surrounded by a rose garden, it is not at its best mid-winter.

Sunday was spent in that recovery mode which always seems to occur after a trip no matter how quick. It always feels like you have been away from home for too long. Today is much nicer. Sunny a little breezy and great weather for gardening. It could only be nicer if the said gardening was not weeding.



Vickie said...

Rotundas are beutiful,thanks for sharing the pics..glad ot hear oyu got a ram-I'm sure you'll name him real soon,cheers Vickie

Belinda said...

Rotunda's always appeal to me too. there really is something about a roundish structure that always catches my eye.

Hope the new boy is settling in well and moves your breeding stock in the direction you are hoping to go.

Kind Regards

joolzmac said...

We have a nice rotunda in our town too. It was restored a few years ago but they didn't replace the wrought iron lacework which was a bit of a shame.
There is a group of people who gather on a certain date and have a quiet beer/wine. I'm not sure what the occasion is.

Merewether said...

Hi, just stumbled by your blog, have read your last couple of posts about losing focus and now the first post I have read about rotundas! Well, I'll be darned if I ever read a post about a rotunda...
Always a first, so I just did! Thanks for blogging, will be back soon!