Friday, October 7, 2011

On My Mind- My garden

I'm joining in Rhonda's "On My Mind" posts. To read her post and those of other participants, just pop over here. My garden and in particular the vegetable garden is front and centre on my mind. I have plenty of seedlings in the little propogating/ germinating house. They are waiting for that crucial time when the weather is right and they are safe from the frost and also when there is room for them too.

These yellow podded peas are a while off being finished so that is a bed which will have to wait for spring/summer plantings.

I noticed a few globe artichokes just poking their baby heads up through the leaves today. They are gorgeous. A stunning plant that is probably best grown somewhere besides the vegetable patch because they really do take up a lot of space. I always have the urge to touch the leaves because they look so unfriendly but are in fact soft and lush.

When I think about my food garden, it is always with the kitchen in mind. If I see a recipe that intrigues me, I will grow the vegetable just for it. I am grateful that I have the room to do that. I am always collecting new ideas for cooking our produce and keeping our diet interesting, healthy and tasty.



Lisa said...

The ideal attitude for a cook, and mother!

africanaussie said...

that is so true for me too! I had never tasted kohlrabi before I started growing it, and now I am starting to grow yakon! The vegetable garden is a wonderful place to experiment.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

What healthy looking artichokes, we tried growing them but they didn't come to anything, it's too hot.

ahhh the garden, I'm yet to get to it but alas I am lucky the sugarloaf cabbages are just ready for picking.

Kim said...

Just visiting from Rhonda's Down to earth blog. What a great place to discover, I could sit and read about your farm alll day , I can see I have alot of reading to do.
Your garden looks beautiful and I look forward to reading more.

DEB said...

I'd love to try globe artichokes but I don't know anything about them. Like when they are ready to eat!
Anyway just thought I'd stop by and say hi via Rhonda's blog

Becky said...

It looks like your garden is doing very well for you. My husband has planted a bunch of stuff in the garden this week for,our "Fall" garden. I will be walking the garden with him this morning to see what all he has planted and where so that I wont plant something on top of what he has all ready planted.