Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Herbs and macarons

This is possibly the world's worst looking macaron. I have made them before but feeling a bit adventurous decided to try a different recipe and they just wouldn't form a 'skin' before baking and didn't have the right lift during cooking either. I have had a few problems with recipes from this source so I think I will steer clear of this magazine in the future. My sister, Kelly, has also experienced a few issues with the recipes too so maybe it isn't just this cooks fault.

Herb bed 1 had some attention today. I would really like to be able to make lovely drawings of the garden bed to map out where and what everything is... maybe next week. I looked at a couple of free online garden design programs but they weren't suitable. There are still a few empty spots but it is lush enough right now. Not a very culinary bed but lots of useful plants.

  • curry plant

  • Turkey thyme

  • lemon balm

  • lemon scented geranium

  • fennel

  • Avonview lavender

  • garlic chives

  • catnip x 2

  • cherry tomato

  • chives

  • foxglove

  • common thyme

  • chamomile

  • rosemary

  • southernwood

  • oregano

  • santolina

  • peppermint scented geranium

The list has surprised me with its length, I really didn't realise that there were so many different plants in this bed but herbs are really my favourite plants. It feels like a good time to be taking stock of what is in the garden and what can be added. New plants will have an easy time settling in while there is moisture in the gound and warmth in the air.

Advent calenders opening up tomorrow so it is excitement all round here.



Vickie said...

way to go Tracy..I have never made them so they look dandy to me ans what a knockout youare girl having all the herbs growqing and knowing the names as well..I be the sad gardener when it comes to knwing what is waht LOL..Oh yes much excitement for the advent swap start,cheers Vickie

Lisa said...

I hope it tasted good, at least.