Friday, November 4, 2011

On My Mind...painted

Thanks to Rhonda for hosting On My Mind each Friday. There are always some great blogs to visit to be inspired, motivated, educated or even just entertained.

Today our painted house is on my mind. I can finally say that the painting is finished and it is a nice feeling. Painting is not fun at least it isn't for us and so it became a monumetal chore which almost seemed like it would never end. It did as all things do, good and bad. Sometimes there were real reasons why the painting stalled but more often than not, there were just excuses not to do it.

I'm ever so grateful that the thing on my mind today is trivial and untroublesome and that my life is a happy and simple one.



Bec - Farmers Wife said...

It looks great Tracy. It makes it worthwhile when you can stand back and see a job well done, no matter the length of time it took LOL

Lisa said...

I'm glad for your sake that it's finished - it's so nice to get rid of things which hang over ones' head!
Rhonda's blog looks so interesting - I have to remember it. Maybe I'll even join in her thing later.