Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rainy Days

We are having some rather wet weather. A wild night of hail, wind, rain and lightning on Tuesday dawned to the morning above on Wednesday. The sunshine was very short lived however and I spent the day indoors and without power. The electricity was out for 11 hours which really does make you think. It made me realise how much I rely on the power coming in for so many things. Cooking, lighting and even just to get water into the house we are reliant on an electric pump. The day was good though. I made a start on some crocheting I wanted to do for Christmas, made some lists (because I love lists), I tidied up some cupboards which needed it, cut out some sewing patterns and fabric (no sewing though). I even had a siesta in the afternoon.

If the meteorologists forecasts are accurate, and sometimes they are, then we have a wet summer ahead. I now have an area in the garden which is prone to becoming a bit boggy after a downpour. It then dries out cement hard. I am thinking that it needs a little creativity to get it right especially with more rain on the way. Perhaps Phoebe's swale idea could work here. I'll ponder it a little more. Anyway, it is another crocheting kind of day along with orchestra and an art show this afternoon.



Chookyblue...... said...

we've had some storms floating about but no hail and not a lot of rain either..........just some thunder and lightning.........nice to enjoy the cooler day yesterday and today........Tues was 39-40...........

Dzoli said...

I have been through all that.Fingers crossed the weather stays good for couple of weeks(especially hail hail go away come back another day) as my strawberrie fields look so good:))

p.s. Over on my blog having Giveaway till 23rd November,everyone is welcome;)

Kim said...

It is funny how many things I go to turn on when the power is off , even when I know it is off. It doesn't hurt us to go without it either. Sounds like you got heaps done.