Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watching and waiting

Right now we are playing a game of patience. Watching and waiting for the ewes to start lambing. Our usual lambing time is in the spring but it was necessary this year to delay joining. Some people say that this can cause a problem with fertility and lambing rates but all the ewes appear to be almost ready to give birth. The lambing rates remain to be seen though but I am hopeful for at least a few multiple births.
If heavily pregnant waddling is anything to go by, the ewes are more eager than us to have these lambs on the ground.

Here is father turkey. Not visible are the nine eggs he is incubating.

I think his broodiness has something to do with the fact that the last lot of turkey babies are only a couple of months old and mother is still busy mothering them and not ready or available to sit again. It shouldn't be too long for this next batch of eggs to hatch and so far I can say that our father turkey has made a fantastic incubator but I'm not sure how he will go when the hatching starts.



Vickie said...

so getting excited to see pics of the lambs...hmm Mr Turkey looks huge..not sure I'd be able to get to close to him,cheers Vickie

Kim said...

Do father turkeys normally sit on the eggs for the mother??I have never heard of this before.
Have fun with the lambing...our little lamb Daisy is a few months old now and is finally convinced she is a sheep and not a dog.

Lisa said...

I sent the link to this post to my bird-loving friend, so she could see your turkey guy on the eggs.

africanaussie said...

those little turkeys are sooo cute. I am looking forward to seeing some lamb photos. I do love the fact I can share the cute photos of farm life with bloggers like you.

Kimmie said...

Would love for you to join in my online biccie/cookie exchange :]