Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coming Home

We have had a whirlwind excursion to the city with the purpose of enrolling Tom at university and also to find him some accommodation. I am happy to say that as things stand at this moment that both tasks have been completed and without too much stress. The trip home was very wet in places and I was glad that I wasn't the driver. Coming home whether it be in the physical sense or just a state of mind, is for me, the best part of any journey.

This home coming was not without its upsets though. The brazen fox which we have now seen on the front lawn destroyed three more chickens in our absence. It naturally picked off the older birds which were real characters amongst our flock.The three of them probably hadn't laid an egg for years and didn't deserve to go out in such a grisly fashion. The birds have all been rotated to a different pen which will hopefully be more secure against attack.
The garden is behaving well. The dahlias are a real delight. These ones are growing side-by-side with my cotton in the old bathtub.

Dahlias truly make excellent cut flowers. Spectacular and long lasting in the vase.

The cotton has moved on to its next stage, flower production. It is a very sweet creamy coloured flower with no scent. I'm hoping that there will be enough summer weather left in this coolish season to allow the plants to produce at least one little cotton bolus.

Some flowers have already closed up and putting their efforts in to making their seeds and cotton fibre. I know that on a large scale the cotton industry is a very big consumer of resources. In the home garden the plant requires very little attention really just a water as necessary. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in seeing how it grows and even as just a plant in a mixed flower bed. It is sweet enough to have a place just for its pretty flowers and interesting leaves.

I have had so much trouble with my internet connection the past two days. I started writing yesterday and haven't been able to reconnect until this afternoon. Hoping it publishes now.



Vickie said...

thats is great to readorted, sorry to read about the old your Dahlia's look gorgeous.I love ready about your planting adventures the cotton sounds interesting-thanks for sharing..hope your internet improves,cheers Vickie

Phoebe said...

I'm with Vickie, so sorry to hear about your girls! They may be chickens but they are special creatures... I hope you are ok.

The Dahlias are gorgeous! I'm growing them for the first time this year and am loving the memories they have brought back of my gannie's garden.

I hope Tom enjoys his course and uni life! Good luck!

joolzmac said...

I am sorry you have had such losses with your dear chooks. Blasted fox! Any chance of trapping him?

The dahlias are really lovely, I've always like them.

Glad you got your boy sorted for Uni - we only have a few weeks left before Bri heads to the city to begin Nursing... *sigh*

Cheers - Joolz

Janice said...

I'm glad you got Tom settled in so easily. It will be a great adventure for him. What a shame about your girls. Let's hope that changing pens will see tham safe and sound now. That is the prettiest dahlia. I have quite a few and love their vibrant colours, long flowering season and hardiness (needed with me at the healm). Keep us postedon your cotton progress. You mentioned the interesting leaves. Can you show a photo some time, as I've never seen them growing.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

All the best to your Son and his new adventure for this year :)

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Sorry to hear another 3 chooks have fallen victim to the fox.

Your flowers are beautiful and I can imagine a vase full of them inside would take centre stage.

sammy said...

The photos of the flowers are devine! Sorry about the chooks.