Tuesday, May 1, 2012

 There is of course more to me than gardening, farming, cooking and the other things I write about here but today was really just about being outside and enjoying a day in the garden made evn better by having Tim at home to work beside me. The days are shorter, there is less to do and the sun has lost some of its summertime sting.   
 There is still plenty to be done but energy isn't as easily drained in the cooler months. The cotton I planted last spring is finally heading towrds picking. It is such an interesting plant to grow. Easy to look after. Just plant the seed, water occasionally and wait. Large scale farming is another story, where cotton is a high demand crop. At the end, you get the cutest little cotton balls of fluff. Very much worth it.

The marigolds are truly lovely right now. There don't seem to be many pests around so either the marigolds really are keeping them at bay or more likely they are gone for the cooler seasons. A friend who visited once mentioned that the  marigolds and calendula were just too bright and gaudy for her tastes. I like them. I don't think natural colours are ever too over the top.

This afternoon I was going to make some beetroot and chocolate brownies for afternoon tea. But the beetroot(above) are just too tiny to do the job. So for our teatime treat this afternoon it is  lemon/lime bars. I would have made it just with limes because I really do have more than enough of them but I am erring on the side of caution. think they might be too tart on their own. We'll see, it is due out of the oven just about now and the girls should be off the bus in about 5 minutes. Perfect timing.

I have switched over to the new blogger and it is causing me a few headaches. Nothng wrong with it I am sure just I am a creature of habit and need time to adjust.

Tea time,

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Kimmie said...

I loathed the new blogger and went straight back. Can you tell I don't like change ha?!

Those lemon/lime bars sound so good!