Sunday, May 27, 2012

The weather has really taken a turn for winter now. We have had some much needed rain and a rather bitter north wind has blown in the winter. I think that most of eastern Australia is feeling the chill this weekend. I am feeling wintery inside, it happens sometimes. Not a depression, just a foggy feeling, not knowing which direction to take. It will pass and I will be feeling fine soon enough I'm sure. Life is good here so I have no excuse not to live it to the full and enjoy the privileges I have. I will move along.

We  had a quick trip to visit Tom in Sydney last week. Just a couple of nights all together as a family which was really nice. He had university during the day so not a lot of time together. The girls couldn't stay away from school too long so we were home by Thursday just in time for Grace to sing in the choir on Friday.

We also had our evening of fine dining at the local TAFE training restaurant on Monday night. Our past experience was of an a la carte menu but Monday was a mini-degustation which was a bit of a surprise. I am fairly adventurous in what I will eat but the others like to play it safe. Needless to say when pigs ears and sweetbreads were served as one of the entrees, surprise turned to horror for my fellow diners. I grew up eating offal so I can eat it and enjoy it but I can understand the viewpoint of those who don't like it at all. Hope wasn't left hungry, the chefs prepared some chicken strips and vegetables just for her and she had a delicious panna cotta for dessert.

I'm not sure what Grace is thinking or doing in the picture.  Certainly not posing for the camera like her sister.


Lisa said...

I hope you'll soon sort out your inner self and enjoy your winter season.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

We also experienced a cold snap, felt like the wind was coming straight off the snow.

Days are glorious now though, just right for gardening.....