Saturday, June 2, 2012

On being social (or not).

Tim and I are heading out to a birthday dinner tonight. It's a rare occurrence to go to a party. I wouldn't say that I am an anti-social being but I am more at home at home and at  smaller gatherings. I usually say no to invitations like this without even thinking about it. But I am trying to be a bit more umm... 'normal' these days and we are going to go out, have some dinner and maybe a dance or two (if I can coerce convince Tim) and spend some time with Tim's work friends. It will be fun I'm sure even if the weather is just about perfect for a night in by the fire. 

I haven't forgotten the photo a day for June already. Today's subject is empty. I had a wee birds nest  that has long been empty in mind but this morning it was nowhere to be found. I think our recent windy weather has taken it far away. Never mind.

Instead I snapped a picture of an empty cotton flower head. The lighting is all wrong because it is just so dismal outside today. But it is empty. I have the cotton inside ready to do with it what I will but that is a job for next week.


Becky said...

Hi Tracy;
I am the same way about attending events. With my hearing loss I find large gatherings quite difficult as the noise of the group and event activities drowns out anyone's voice that is trying to talk to me. I try to be more social but it is sometimes all I can do to stay longer than 30 minutes at one of these type events. I do oh so much better with 1 to 3 friends just chatting or working on a project together.

Lisa said...

I was just telling a friend that I get tired from these social events - went to a cookout last week, everyone was so nice, but I was tired afterward, and I missed my quiet Sunday rest. At home, I'm not at a loss for something to do, and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I stay home and sew something or get a bit of cleaning done. So, I'd rather stay home most of the time, too. Whether that's a fault, I have no idea; it's just me. :)

Abbeysmum said...

Just catching up on some recent postings and noticed your citrus are a bit sour, I have heard that it takes a frost to sweeten most citrus, so you just wait and start picking after that happens. Hope this helps :)