Saturday, June 9, 2012


The Queen's birthday long weekend always meant fireworks and bonfires even when I was small and living in the city. The fireworks are a thing of past but tonight we are going to brave the elements and have dinner outdoors with the added magic of a bonfire to keep warm by and maybe those who are inclined will toast some marshmallows. I have Tom home and my sister is coming for a visit too so if that isn't an excuse to celebrate then I don't know what is. I am loving this weekend and a bonus, Tim is not working until Monday. Simple menu tonight, pumpkin soup with homemade bread roll and steak sandwiches for the anti-soup brigade and the extra hungry diners. Warm pear and honey cake for dessert.

The photo topic of the day is "Your View Today". Both of the pictures above qualify. The lighting is off today, overcast and the sun is giving  the grass an eery look but is how it is.

Apparently there was an tremor in the region last night. I felt nothing probably because I was sound asleep but it is still scary nonetheless. I know I couldn't live in those places that face that constant known threat of disaster. I would be forever on edge. I am a worrier I believe.

Anyway I have to go and bake the dinner rolls and light the fire.


Becky said...

You certainly have some wonderful sites to behold. I was hoping we'd be off picking blackberries but 3 hours at "Yarn Night" knitting did my shoulders in and I had a ruff night. We will still go just later in the day.

Lisa said...

I hope you had a great evening outside. And I hope you don't get any more tremors! I'm also a worrier.