Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

Even my wall calendar is telling me that today is Earth Day so it must be. There are so many 'Days' now that is hard to keep up but Earth Day sounds good to me. I spend much of every day tending the earth here and it is one of my own small ways of tending the planet.
I may have overdone it a bit this morning, I have back and leg pain this afternoon which is bringing back memories of an incident of sciatica I had in 2002. I don't want a repeat of that EVER.

There was some role switching over the weekend. Hope was the apprentice in the apiary and stood on the sidelines with the intention of taking some pictures. That wasn't to be however. I was chased by an angry bee and I was sans beekeeping attire. No stings thankfully just a comical display for anyone passing by.

My gardening companion is relishing the discoveries of new to her garden beds. The  herbs and vegies get the biggest clucks of approval.

 In my plans, I was going to be outside most of the day today. The weather is practically perfect in every way for outdoors but I'm going to write this and then try to do some stretches and then if that fails, I'm going to write letters. I think I will be writing letters and, I will be glad to do so. I can always write outside.

My Earth Day planting was some Sweet Peas. I know March 17th is the traditional time to plant them but staggering the sowing gives me blooms over a longer period. Sweet Peas are one of those flowers like snapdragons that remind me of other gardens I have lived in when I was a child and I would plant them for that remembrance alone. It is a bonus that they are simply sweet and lovely and hardy despite their delicate appearance. I'm looking forward to their blooms.


Sharon said...

Your place looks picturesque. I would so love to keep some bees, Im hoping to do a workshop this year so I am confident at keeping a hive. Im yet to grow sweetpeas every time I plant them some thing eats them. Love your chook photo

shez said...

hope your pain goes away tracy and your garden is looking lovely.xx

Janice said...

It is Murphy's Law that you will have a bee encounter when you aren't wearing a suit. How did Hope go? Sweet Peas are such a lovely flower and one that really heralds spring's arrival. We used to have a perennial version when we were in our first cottage in town. They were a purply colour.